The International School Award (ISA) is a global accreditation scheme recognising good practices in incorporating international dimensions in schools. Successful schools are accredited for three years. ISA ISA acknowledges school collaboration internationally and provides a framework for recognising schools that:

  • champion international work and collaboration with partners to build and develop lasting relationships
  • benchmark best practice and share professional development in teaching and learning
  • engage young people in both the global economy and global citizenship and develop their skills for life and work
  • support whole-school projects that contribute towards school improvement
  • enrich education through international work.

Since 2012, more than 500 schools in Nepal have participated in ISA and 146 have won the full award. 

To find out more about ISA and the eligibility criterion to apply for the International School Award, please click here. 

ISA Award Winners 2020-21

  1.    Arunodaya English School, Bhaktapur 
  2.   Asphodel Public School, Kathmandu 
  3.   Bal Raman Batika Montessori Pre-School,Kathmandu 
  4.   Bhimodaya Secondary school, Chitwan 
  5.   Buddha Deep English Boarding Secondary School, Rupandehi 
  6.   Children Herald Academy,  Kathmandu 
  7.   City Montessori, Kathmandu 
  8.   Dhading Boarding Secondary School, Dhading 
  9.   Eurokids Kadanghari School, Kathmandu 
  10.   Fairy's World ECD Montessori School, Lalitpur 
  11.   Ghataraj Memorial School, Kathmandu 
  12.   Hillbert English Boarding School, Kapilvastu 
  13.   Himalaya Secondary School, Sankhuwasabha 
  14.   Himalayan Ma Vi, Sankhuwasabha 
  15.   Kids Paradise, Bhaktapur 
  16.   Kids School, Kathmandu 
  17.   Kinderjoy Montessori School, Lalitpur 
  18.   Little Flower School, Chitwan 
  19.   Manasalu Public Secondary School, Kathmandu 
  20.   Manimukunda Secondary School, Rupandehi 
  21.   Marigold English Boarding School, Dang 
  22.   Milestone Preschool, Lalitpur
  23.   Modern English Secondary School, Bhaktapur 
  24.   Narayani English Public School, Chitwan 
  25.   Navajeewan Educational Academy, Kathmandu 
  26.   Nawadurga Basic School, Nawalpur 
  27.   Nawalpur Academy, Nawalpur 
  28.   New Kibou Boarding School, Dhading 
  29.   Oasis English Boarding School, Nawalparasi 
  30.   Prabhat English Boarding Secondary School, Rupandehi 
  31.   Radiant Montessori English School, Kailali 
  32.   Redstar English Boarding School, Morang 
  33.   Rosemary Idol Boarding School, Kathmandu 
  34.   Saugaat Montessori School, Kathmandu 
  35.   Shree Janakalyan Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  36.   Shree Tribhuwan Bal Secondary, Nawalpur 
  37.   Shuvatara 3 Angels Mission School, Kaski 
  38.   Sparkle International School, Nuwakot 
  39.   Sun Shine Boarding Secondary School, Rupandehi 
  40.   Unique Academy Secondary English School, Sunsari 
  41.   Vinayak Shiksha Niketan English Secondary School, Bhaktapur 
  42.   Whitefield Secondary School, Kathmandu 
  43.   Euro School Chhauni, Kathmandu 
  44.   Him Rashmi High School, Kathmandu 
  45.   Jhapa Model English School, Jhapa 
  46.   Learning Realm International (L.R.I.) School, Kathmandu 
  47.   Mount View English Boarding School, Bhaktapur 
  48.   Nabin Audhyogic Kadar Badahur Rita Secoandary School, Rupandehi 
  49.   Sanskriti International School, Kathmandu 
  50.   St. Capitanio School, Palpa 
  51.   Sudesha School, Lalitpur 
  52.   The Celebration Co-Ed, Kathmandu 
  53.   Vidya Sagar English Secondary School, Kavre 

ISA Foundation Award 2020-21

  1.   Apex International Multiple Academy, Dolakha  
  2.   Brightway Public School-Kailali
  3.   Career Building International Academy, Kathmandu  
  4.   Chandeshwari Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  5.   Chandrahans Basic School, Nawalpur  
  6.   Dipendra Basic School, Nawalpur  
  7.   Everest Public Academy, Bhaktapur  
  8.   Genius World School, Kathmandu  
  9.   Golden Stars English School, Sankhuwasabha  
  10.   Gosaibaba Basic School, Nawalpur  
  11.   Gyan Jyoti Secondary School, Dang  
  12.   Gyanodaya Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  13.   Harvard Academy, Kaski  
  14.   Himalaya Milan Secondary School, Kaski  
  15.   Jaldevi Primary School. Nawalpur  
  16.   Jamunakharka Secondary School, Myagdi  
  17.   Janakalyan Secondary School, Nawalparasi  
  18.   Janata Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  19.   Kalika Secondary School, Nawalpur   
  20.    KK international School, Sunsari  
  21.   Mount Everest Aawashiya Secondary School, Myagdi  
  22.   Navjyoti School, Surkhet  
  23.   Neel Barahi Secondary School, Kathmandu  
  24.   Nirmal Secondary School, Thanahu  
  25.   Noble School, Bhaktapur  
  26.   Radiant Readers' Academy-Lalitpur
  27.   Raja Ratna Primary School, Nawalpur  
  28.   Saraswati Secondary  School, Nawalpur  
  29.   Saraswati Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  30.   Shree Bal Kalyan Basic School, Nawalpur  
  31.   Shree Maharaja Basic School, Nawalpur   
  32.   Shree Narayani Basic School, Nawalpur  
  33.   Shree Prithvi Secondary School, Chitwan  
  34.   Shree Secondary School, Dang  
  35.   Shree Shiva Secondary School, Nawalpur   
  36.   Small Heaven School, Chitwan  
  37.   SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Surkhet, Surkhet  
  38.   Suryodaya Vidhya Mandir Secondary School, Nawalpur  
  39.   Tejaswi Academy, Kathmandu  
  40.   Traibidya Shikchhya Sadan, Kathmandu  
  41.   Viddhya Sagar Prasiddha Englsih Boarding School, Nawalparasi

ISA Award Winners 2019-20 (Batch 2)

  1. Adarsha Janapremi English Secondary School, Bhaktapur
  2. Blue Star English Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  3. Bright Future Secondary School , Kathmandu
  4. Continental English Boarding Secondary School, Nawalpur
  5. Damkada Model Secondary School, Palpa
  6. Daunne English Boarding Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  7. Dhankuta Boarding school, Dhankuta
  8. East Horizon English School, Jhapa
  9. Elixir Academy, Kathmandu
  10. Emmanuel English Boarding School, Sunsari
  11. Galaxy English School, Nawalparasi
  12. Global Educare Academy, Jhapa
  13. Gyan Sindhu Secondary School, Dang
  14. Intellectual Academy, Rupandehi
  15. Kids Heaven English school, Rupandehi
  16. Koshi Saint James Secondary School, Sunsari
  17. Lilliput Premier Elementary School, Morang
  18. Marigold English Boarding School, Bhaktapur
  19. Modern Boarding Secondary School, Bhaktapur
  20. Monastic SEBS, Dhanusha
  21. Moon light Academy, Nawalpur
  22. Nepal APF School, Kathmandu
  23. New Environment English Secondary School, Butwal
  24. Nexus International Academy, Kathmandu
  25. Oxford Secondary School, Rupandehi
  26. Palpa Paragon English Boarding School, Palpa
  27. Phaktanglung Education Foundation, Jhapa
  28. Pragati Sikshya Sadan, Lalitpur
  29. Pragyan Pathshala, Surkhet
  30. Prithvi Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  31. Saraswoti Niketan School, Nawalparasi
  32. Satyawati Secondary School, Tanahun
  33. Shining English Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  34. Shree Adhunik Rastriya Secondary School, Makwanpur
  35. Shree Shiva Secondary School, Surkhet
  36. Shree Shivapuri Secondary School, Kathmandu
  37. Siddhababa Secondary School, Gulmi
  38. Siddhartha English Boarding Secondary School, Rupandehi
  39. Small Heart Academy, Nawalparasi
  40. Smarika Samudayik Boarding School, Jhapa
  41. Spring Dell Academy, Banke
  42. Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Morang
  43. Srijana Gyansagar Secondary School, Kathmandu
  44. Hamro Pahunch Secondary School, Dang
  45. Akshara School, Kathmandu
  46. Apex School, Rupandehi
  47. Bhaktapur NIST School, Bhaktapur
  48. Creative Academy, Kathmandu
  49. Gaidakot English School, Nawalparasi
  50. Gurukul Academy, Dang
  51. International Joseph Public School, Kathmandu
  52. Kalika Manavgyan Secondary School, Rupandehi
  53. Mount Valley English School, Palpa
  54. Reliance Public School., Kathmandu


ISA Foundation Award 2019-20

1 Annal Jyoti English Boarding School, Lalitpur

2 Annapurna Vishya Sadan, Kathmandu

3 Bethel English Boarding Secondray School, Palpa

4 Bluebird English School,l Bharatpur

5 Children's Eternal Academy, Kathmandu

6 Daffodil Public School, Kathmandu

7 Glory English School, Bhaktapur

8 Golden Gate English Secondary School, Bhaktapur

9 Gorkha Model Secondary School, Dang

10 Green Field National School, Kathmandu

11 Green Peace Academy, Sunsari

12 Hill Point Secondray School, Kaski

13 Janata Secondary School, Sunsari

14 Mansarowar institute of Science and Technology, Jhapa

15 Marigold Secondary School, Jhapa

16 Nava Kiran (New Leera) School, Kathmandu

17 Nobel Education and Development Foundation, Morang

18 Shree Balbikas Secondary School, Dang

19 Shubhakamana Academy, Kathmandu

20 Siddhartha Academy, Dang

21 Star English Boarding School, Dang

22 Sunflower Academy, Ilam

23 Surkhet Education Development Academy (SEDA), Surkhet

24 Sushma Secondary School,  Sunsari

25 Uma Maheshwori Secondary School, Pyuthan

26 United scholar, Kathmandu

27 Vishwa Adarsha School, Sunsari

28 Vrindaban Academy, Palpa


ISA Award Winners 2019-20 (Batch 1)

  1. Dhankuta English Secondary Boarding School (Foundation Certificate)
  2. Laxmi Secondary School (Foundation Certificate)
  3. Omega International Secondary School (Foundation Certificate)
  4. Spring Dell Academy (Foundation Certificate)
  5. Euro Kids Kandaghari (Foundation Certificate)
  6. Lotus Academy English Boarding School (Full Award)
  7. Glowing Kids Montessori Pre School (Full Award)
  8. Tarun Secondary School (Full Award)
  9. Brihaspati Vidyasadan (Full Award)
  10. Hathausha Little Star Boarding School (Full Award)
  11. Nicholson Secondary School (Full Award)
  12. Kids Planet Montessori and Child Care Center (Full Award)
  13. Kathmandu Euro School (Full Award)
  14. Arjun English Boarding High School (Full Award)
  15. Daffodil Boarding School (Full Award)
  16. Manakamana Ratna Ambika Secondary School (Full Award)
  17. John Dewey H. S. School (Full Award)
  18. Regent Residential School (Full Award)
  19. Holy Vision Higher Secondary School (Full Award)
  20. Golden Peak High School (Full Award)
  21. Ripumardini Sainik Secondary School (Full Award)
  22. Wings Montessori School (Full Award)
  23. Kanjirowa National Higher Secondary School (Full Award)
  24. National Creative Co-educational School (Full Award)
  25. Baylor International Academy (Reaccreditation)
  26. Gurukul Academy (Reaccreditation)
  27. Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School (Reaccreditation)
  28. Ace School (Reaccreditation)

Press Release: ISA 2019-20

ISA Award Winners 2018-19

  1.  Adarsha English Boarding Secondary School, Parbat
  2. Apex Life School, Kathmandu
  3. Arunima Secondary School, Kathmandu
  4. Shree Banganga Secondary School, Kapilvastu
  5. Bluebird English Secondary School, Lalitpur
  6. Darshaniya Rameshwar Singh Kushwaha Academy, Dhanusha
  7. Delhi Public school, Dharan
  8. Edify International School, Kathmandu
  9. Gaindakot Namuna Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  10. Global Pathshala, Bhaktapur
  11. Gorkha Secondary School,Tulsipur, Dang
  12. Gyan Bagaichaa English Boarding School, Tanahun
  13. Gyan Punja Boarding School, kapilvastu
  14. Hilary English High School, Kathmandu
  15. Ideal English Boarding School, Dharan
  16. Jagat Mandir Secondary School, Kathmandu
  17. Jesse’s International Boarding Secondary School, Kathmandu
  18. Junior Citizens' Academy Secondary School, Kaski
  19. Kids’ Home Academy English School, Nawalparasi
  20. Kunwarti School, Rupandehi
  21. Little Flowers Public school, Lalitpur
  22. Mechi English Boarding School, Jhapa
  23. Nawaneet Toddlers’ Zone, Kathmandu
  24. Nepal Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  25. Nightingale International Secondary School, Lalitpur
  26. N.K.Singh Memorial English Preparatory Secondary School, Kathmandu
  27. Nobel Academy, Kathmandu
  28. NOBLE Academy Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  29. Pamir International Academy, Rupandehi
  30. Paramount Boarding High school, Rupandehi
  31. Peace Zone Awasiya Ma. Vi., Itahari
  32. Rainbow Academic Homes Secondary School, Pokhara
  33. Reliance International Academy, Kathmandu
  34. Samriddhi School, Kathmandu
  35. Sano Sansar Day Care & Pre- Primary International School, Kathmandu
  36. Shree Shanti Model Secondary School, Rupandehi
  37. Swati Sadan E.B Secondary School, Kathmandu
  38. Ugrachandi Boarding School, Kavre
  39. Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan, Nawalparasi
  40. Vishwo Jyoti Secondary School, Nawalparasi
  41. Wonderland International Pre-school, Kathmandu

ISA Award Winners 2017-18

  1. Nepal Rashtriya Chandra Ganga Secondary School, Surkhet
  2. Orchid School, Chitwan
  3. The Celebration Co-ed school (re-accreditated school), Kathmandu
  4. Vidya Sagar English Secondary School, Kavre
  5. Nabin Audhyogic Kadak Bahadur Rita School, Rupandehi
  6. Sanskriti International School, Kathmandu
  7. Him Rashmi Secondary School, Kathmandu
  8. Pragyan Academy, Jhapa
  9. KK International School, Dharan, Sunsari
  10. Mount View English Boarding School, Bhaktapur
  11. Traibidya Sikchhya Sadan (re-accreditated school), Kathmandu
  12. Sudesha High School, Lalitpur
  13. Eureka School, Dharan, Sunsari
  14. Jhapa Model School, Jhapa
  15. Babylon School, Kathmandu
  16. Shreejana Higher Secondary Boarding School, Kaski
  17. Ambika Secondary School, Kaski
  18. Gorkha International Public School, Dang
  19. Sakalya School (Eurokids Chauni) (re-accreditated school), Kathmandu


ISA Award Winners 2016-17

  1. Bethel English School, Palpa
  2. Mount Valley School, Palpa
  3. Himanchal Boarding School, Kaski
  4. Kalika Secondary School, Rupandehi
  5. Alpha Boarding School, Kaski
  6. Kailash Bodhi School, Kathmandu
  7. Eurokids School, Kathmandu
  8. Pragya Kunj School, Kathmandu
  9. Niharika Shishu Kunja School, Kathmandu
  10. Bhaktapur NIST School, Bhaktapur
  11. Gyanodaya Secondary School, Kathmandu
  12. Nepal Model School, Syangja
  13. Radiant Montessori School, Kailali
  14. Gurukul Int'l Academy, Dang
  15. Gyansindhu Secondary School, Dang
  16. Gaidakot Eng. School, Nawalparasi
  17. Joseph High School, Kathmandu
  18. Phoenix Academy, Kathmandu
  19. Reliance Public School, Kathmandu
  20. Learning Realm International School, Kathmandu 
  21. Himalaya Milan School, Kaski
  22. Ace School, Kathmandu
  23. Little Angel School, Dang
  24. Gladstone Academy (re-accreditated school), Bhaktapur
  25. Axis Vidyashram, Kailali

ISA Award Winners 2015-16

  1. Kathmandu English School, Kathmandu 
  2. Creative Academy, Kirtipur 
  3. Akshara School, Kathmandu
  4. Reliance Co-ed, Kathmandu
  5. Spiral Galaxy Higher Secondary School, Kaski
  6. Palpa Awasiya Higher Secondary School, Palpa
  7. Motherland Higher Secondary School, Kaski
  8. New Horizon Higher Secondary School, Palpa
  9. Shree Punya Higher Secondary School, Dhankuta
  10. Paragon Academy, Jhapa
  11. Padmodaya Public Model Higher Secondary School, Kailali
  12. Annal Jyoti School (re-accreditated school), Kathmandu
  13. Gurkul Academy (re-accreditated school), Kailali

ISA Award Winners 2014-15

  1. Sirjana Community Secondary School, Kaski
  2. St. Capitanio School, Palpa
  3. Adarsha English Boarding Secondary School, Parbat
  4. Durga Lower Secondary School, Baglung
  5. Achane Higher Secondary School, Dhading
  6. Traibidya Shikchhya Sadan, Kathmandu
  7. Sakalya School (Eurokids Chauni), Kathmandu
  8. Reliance International Academy (RIA), Kathmandu
  9. Babylon National School, Kathmandu
  10. Karnali Education Foundation, Jhapa
  11. Suryajyoti lower secondary English boarding School, Jhapa
  12. Delhi Public School, Dharan, Sunsari


ISA Award Winners 2013-14

  1. Gyanodaya International Residential School, Lalitpur
  2. Bhu.Pu. Sainik Trust English Higher Secondary Boarding School, Lamjung
  3. Dol Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School, Dhading
  4. Nagarjuna Kids World, Lalitpur
  5. The Celebration Co-Ed, Kathmandu
  6. Gladstone Academy, Bhaktapur
  7. Baylor International Academy, Kavre
  8. Shree Saraswati Model Higher Secondary School, Kailali 
  9. Rampur Higher Secondary School, Doti


ISA Award Winners 2012-13

  1. Gurukul Academy, Kailali
  2. Annal Jyoti Boarding School, Kathmandu
  3. Nagarjuna Academy, Kathmandu
  4. Harvard Academy, Kaski
  5. Apex School, Rupandehi
  6. Karunanidhi Education Foundation, Kaski
  7. Bhu. Pu. Sainik Secondary School, Lamjung (Intermediate award)
  8. Balodaya HS School, Kaski (Intermediate award)
  9. Paramount Boarding School (Foundation award)


School Ambassadors' contacts details for support in ISA application throughout the ISA journey

Name Location Email Address
Ram Chandra Pokhrel Kathmandu
Dhani Ram Sharma Surkhet
Soma Shrestha Kavrepalanchowk
J. Beena Devi Koirala Nawalpur; 
Urvashi Chauhan Khadka Kathmandu
Victor I. Joseph Sunsari
Ashesh Bhattarai Palpa
Eebaraj Tiwari Rupandehi
Amit Bikram Sijapati Kathmandu
Gopal Prasad Basyal Palpa
Durga Prasad Pandey Dang
Sunita Swar Kailali

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