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Whether you love reading every day or read occasionally for personal, professional or academic growth, whether you are a parent wanting your child to spend productive time online or an individual wanting entertainment at your fingertips – British Council Digital Library is for you.

Enjoy the wide range of our online collection, from newspapers and magazines like New Scientist, The Economist, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, to bestselling graphic novels, academic journals, research publications, and novels & books by award-winning authors, movies and documentaries, all for free. 

Access 80,000+ ever-expanding resources for free membership on your phone using the myLoft app or on your laptop.

Why pay multiple international subscriptions when you have the British Council Digital Library?

E-books and audio books

Find more than 10,000 of books to read or listen to, from fiction to non-fiction, to popular plays and self-development in our curated collection of downloadable e-books and audiobooks for children as well as grown-ups.

Newspapers and Magazines

Get the world’s largest newsstand on your mobile device, with instant access to nearly 11,000 newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries to stay informed, entertained and inspired every day.

Publications include The Economist, New Scientist, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar (UK), Vogue (UK), and many more.

Entertainment - music, movies and theatre

Watch classic theatre plays, movies and live music concerts anywhere, anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Members can access these resources through Kanopy and Stringray Qello.

Training and selft development

Upskill yourself with unlimited access to thousands of short video tutorials covering more than 500 of today's most popular software applications, including Adobe CC, Microsoft, and more.

Perfect for students and early career professionals, it also offers trainings om various job skills and social media techniques.

For kids - comics, graphic novels and movies

Fuel your child's curiosity and reading influence with unlimited access to over 2500 comics and graphic novels - from StarWars to UltraHeroes to Disney Comics.

Help them develop social emotional skills and reinforce valuable learning topics with an exclusive access to Kanopy Kids which has a diverse selection of educational and entertaining content that range across Movies, TV Series, Animated Storybooks, Live Action, and Animated favourites.

LearnEnglish for Kids helps spark their love for English language with fun games, quizzes, articles and videos.

Study resources - EBSCO and more

Empower yourself with books, journals and eBooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas, along with powerful research tools. Ideal for post-graduate students, researchers and academics.

You can access academic journals in the Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Humanities, thousands of academic e-books from trusted publishers covering subjects like Engineering, law to public policy through eBook Central and online full-text scholarly journals across all major subject areas.

myLOFT - our digital library app

Enjoy a hassle-free and user-friendly reading and learning experience on your mobile with our new library app MyLOFT, where you can access, save, organise and customise all your e-content, anytime, anywhere.