Creating international opportunities for the people of the UK and Nepal

Cultural relations is at the heart of everything the British Council has been chartered to do. Cultural relations builds international trust and understanding, generates opportunities for individuals to fulfil their potential and fosters the cooperation which contributes to a stable world. The exchange of knowledge and ideas generates opportunities and responds to aspirations.

We do this through large scale programmes of activity with partners throughout the world that mobilise the power of education, the arts and creativity, sport, science, English and governance to build relationships of mutual benefit. We work over the long term, strive to protect diversity and bring the people of the world closer together.

Our vision in Nepal

We will enable people to achieve more for themselves, and their communities by raising the standards of Education and English for teachers, learners and young professionals across Nepal. 

By 2018:

  1. We will raise education standards by ensuring that every state school teacher is accredited to a certain standard.

English for Teaching : Teaching for English (ETTE+)
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Hornby Regional School
Teacher Development - Our Methodology
University of Southampton & British Council: MA ELT Online

2. We will ensure that there is more widespread and better assessment by supporting the reform of the Nepal state sector school learning assessment system to produce an interactive and market oriented skills based syllabus that reflects international good practice. For any further details, please Contact us.

3. We will give over one million people access to quality English language learning by digital means.

Learn English Online
LearnEnglish Radio

4. We will become the clear premier market leader for UK qualifications & examinations delivery in Nepal by delivering UK exams to some 70,000 candidates per year.

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5. We will become a premier centre for professional development and artistic expression in Nepal by turning the British Council venue in Kathmandu into a premier centre for professional development and cultural convention space in Nepal.

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