We want everyone to enjoy their visit to the British Council. 

Visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs can view details of access to our centres below. If you have any queries, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your access needs and do our best to help.


British Council Kathmandu office in Lainchaur is a modem block building, easily accessible for those with disabilities. 

  • Bus station in Northside (Lainchaur) of the office building (approximately 400maway)
  • Bust station in Eastside (Lainchaur) of the office building (approximately 400m away)

As you reach the office building, located between the British Embassy and Indian Embassy (opposite to the residence of Vice President of Nepal), there is a dedicated wide glass door to enter for people with disabilities. You will have to climb low-level four-step stairs to the door. The security officials at the main entrance will be readily available for any supervision and support required.  


British Council Kathmandu has parking for those in wheelchairs or in bicycles right along the entrance of the main building. There is however no parking available for cars and motorbikes.


British Council Kathmandu has four-step stairs at the main entrance which is adjoined with a spacious ramp for those who would wish to drive wheelchair inside the premise. You can see the photo of the main entrance above.

  • As you reach the main building, climb four steps on the left side of the building.
  • You will find a seven foot wide glass door to enter.
  • There are security guards who will guide you through your requirement. 


  • There is one customer desk on the first floor/courtyard of the building.
  • You may seek any support with our customer service officers who will help you in the best of their capacity. 


  • There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor of the building for people with disabilities.
  • The specially designed toilet door is 2.9 feet wide and is equipped with modern amenities. The door opens inwards