Please note the changes made to the ISA due to the existing COVID-19 situation worldwide.

  • The current dossier submission deadline is 15 July 2020. Schools who have already completed their activities in full can submit their hard copy dossiers or e- dossier and be considered for Accreditation and/or Reaccreditation this year. For  E- Dossier, you require to submit at this email We will not be conducting any award ceremony this year but would list the winning schools’ names on our website and the newspapers. We will invite all winning schools to the grand award ceremony of June 2021. Our BCSAs will continue to support you during this hour virtually. Please feel free to contact them.
  • As a one-off exception for schools that have started in the batch of 2019-20, we will allow all schools to continue your international school activities if not completed, into the next school year (2020-21) and submit the Dossier with next years’ deadlines in June 2021. Schools that will continue with the application next school year, can submit dossiers with activities spanning over the two school years, meaning that schools can use the activities they have already completed this year and will have time to re-establish links with partner schools.
  • We will extend the accredited status by one year for all schools that are due Reaccreditation now and are applying at the moment. This means that the accredited status will be valid until 15 June 2021.