Yashoda Gautam ©

British Council Nepal

Teacher by profession, Yasoda Gautam has a degree in English. She took the IELTS test because she wanted to apply for a scholarship for Deaf Culture Studies in USA which required IELTS.

Before she went around visiting educational consultancies, she decided to do research online. She found out about British Council from internet and went directly to the British Council there with her queries about taking IELTS. She found that people with special needs receives special arrangements but after making an application with supporting evidence at least 3 months before the planned test date.

Because of her condition, joining consultancy was not an option so she prepared for the test practicing all on her own during evening time and staying up late. “If only British Council can have special preparation materials for candidates like her then that will definitely help candidates with specials needs planning or preparing for IELTS” she said.

Yashoda appeared in two modules only (Reading and Writing) however she wanted to appear in Speaking test too leaving only Listening test. Her request to give the Speaking test was not approved but she still feels that she could have done it better if there were facilities for candidates like her to take the test using visual materials such as graphs and pictures.

“Being among a mass during the exam would be uneasy for me because I couldn’t hear but I was the only candidate during my test so I was at ease. There was always someone to accompany me, reminding of time and telling me to do well,” Yashoda said.

“There were times I had gone to the council alone with my queries but I didn’t find it difficult to communicate there as the staffs there were very supportive. They were writing on paper and communicating with me. That was so thoughtful of them” she said.

Finally she added that she would recommend anyone and everyone to take IELTS with British Council because there wasn’t any difficulty that she faced at the British Council. The British Council provided with all the support needed to appear for the IELTS exam in the best possible way.