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We understand that getting your results is important to you. We know you want them quickly, but it is equally important that we give you the score that correctly reflects your performance.


You can expect your IELTS result to be available 13 calendar days after your test. 

However, the results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with the test or the administration of the test, including making enquiries as to whether any rules or regulations have been breached, as outlined in the IELTS Notice to Candidates. In exceptional circumstances you may be required to re-take one or more IELTS components.

IELTS results online and via SMS

You’ll be able to preview your results online on the 13 day of the written examination after 2:00 PM.

Your IELTS results (also known as your Test Report Form) can be collected from our office on the 17 day from the written examination after 4:00 PM.

You will not be able to obtain your results over the phone, by email or by fax.

Test Report Forms (TRFs)

You will receive one copy of the Test Report Form. Candidates are informed that barring exceptional circumstances no Replacement Test Report Form (RTRF) is issued to candidates. Hence candidates are requested to keep their Test Report Forms carefully.

In the case that Additional Test Report  Form (ATRF ) is required the following conditions apply

  • In the case that the result is required for university admission the new test result will be sent directly to the concerned university. All applicable service and courier charges will be paid by the candidate.
  • In the case that the candidate is migrating to another country the candidate must present evidence of him starting the migration application process and in this case the original TRF will be sent to the concerned embassy or migration agent directly. All applicable service and courier charges will be paid by the candidate.
  • If the candidate has submitted his/her only original copy to any embassy only and is seeking an RTRF then in such case the candidate must provide a letter from the concerned embassy or university that they are in possession of the original TRF. All applicable service and courier charges will be paid by the candidate.
  • No RTRF will be issued to the candidate in the case of loss or theft or damage due to personal reasons or reasons other than above mentioned

The following are the documents required to be submitted while requesting ATRF 

  • Duly filled ATRF request form
  • Deposit slip evidencing that all applicable service and courier charge has been deposited in the stipulated account. The courier charge will be charged depending upon the destination country.
  • Photocopy of the original TRF

The following are the documents required to be submitted while requesting RTRF

  • Letter or other documents evidencing the circumstances for which the RTRF is required along with the application letter.
  • Deposit slip evidencing that the service charge of NPR 3000 has been deposited in the stipulated account
  • Photocopy of the original TRF and original Passport

Test Report Forms for Institutions

We can also arrange for additional original copies to be couriered to receiving institutions (e.g. universities, immigration officers, etc.). If you would like us to do this, fill up the "Additional TRF form". You would need to pay a courier charge which depends upon the destination.

Institutions need original copies of your Test Report Form. Photocopies of your Test Report Form will not be accepted.

Institutions may be able to view candidates’ scores through the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification Service. To use online access facility you would need to fill in "Additional TRF form" and submit it to the British Council Nepal Office. This service is free of charge.

The validity period of your Test Report Form

Institutions will not usually accept a Test Report Form that is more than two years old. After this time you will need to provide them with evidence that you have maintained or improved your English since taking the test.

Understand your IELTS scores

IELTS provides results for all levels of English: there is no such thing as a pass or fail. You will be given a score from zero to nine for each part of the test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

Find out more about how to understand your IELTS scores and the nine-band system.

Find out how IELTS scores relate to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Enquiry on Results

If you were expecting higher marks – or haven’t quite made the grades you need for your chosen university or college place – don’t panic. You may be able to retake your exams or even request re-marking. Fees for enquiry on results are NPR 13,500. You will need to fill in an Enquiry on Results form and submit along with your original Test Report Form. All enquiries must be made within six weeks of your test date.

The fee for the Enquiry on Results service will be refunded should your overall score change as a result of the re-marking. The Enquiry on Results Service can take up to eight weeks to complete. Please contact us for further information about how the service works.

Can I re-take the test?

You can take the test as many times as you wish. However, please note that to significantly improve your score it is necessary to undertake further study. IELTS research indicates that scores are unlikely to improve without further English language tuition.