Sima Rumba ©

@British Council Nepal

Sima has a bachelor degree in Interior Designing and wish to pursue her master from either USA or Australia. Having heard from people that people with special needs have more opportunities and are treated equally in western countries, she decided to take the IELTS test to apply for abroad studies.

Despite having to face more challenges daily compared to other people, Sima is a young independent woman who doesn’t like to give up that easily as she works in a private firm and did her preparation at home during evening time for the test.

After deciding to take IELTS, she went to many education consultancies to know about if there are any specials arrangements that could be arranged for exam candidates like her. The instructor from her consultancy advised her to contact British Council with her queries. Following the advice, she came with her queries to British Council and found out that, yes! Arrangements can be done but she had to apply for special arrangements three months in advance of her planned test date.

Many told her to take someone as her apprentice during her written exam but she had been through some really bad experience with it in the past so she wanted to do everything on her own and she did.

After her application for special arrangements were processed, she appeared for the test. Especially for her, special pause CD was brought and because of her condition, extra time was provided to her and there was someone during her test period throughout to see if she may require anything or face difficulty. She was very delighted with the Council’s special support that she received not only during the exam but for all the support and guidance she received throughout the time.

“When I first came to British Council with my queries, I was told that I have to wait for three months for it and I did. I didn’t have any idea about what kind of arrangements would be made for me. When the time came, I went for the exams and I was more than happy because I had never expected to have special pause CD made for me. Besides the CD, I was given extra time to write because I cannot do it like other people.”

“Throughout the exam time, a staff from the council was with me who kept telling me not to rush and do the exam well. The motivation helped me to relax and finish my test. Anyone, whether they are people with special needs like me or not, I would gladly recommend British Council for IELTS exam because all the support you need is here,” she added.