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'In Our Hands' is delivered through Nepal-UK partnerships. Experts in contemporary crafts and design, circular economy, heritage conservation and environmental sustainability from UK and Nepal will be working together to design workshops for building the capacity of Nepali Entrepreneurs.

Our main partner organisation consists of: 

Nepal Art Village  Sector Partner (Arts/culture sector) 
Kathmandu University (School of Arts, School of Engineering)  Academic partner - Nepal 
Applied Arts Scotland  Content Experts/Facilitators/Mentoring 
Creative Informatics Lab, Edinburgh Napier University  Academic partner - UK
Story Cycle  Coordinating partners (civil society) 
National Innovation Centre  Supporter 

Our Facilitators/Mentors

Anil Chitrakar

Anil Chitrakar

Ani Chitrakar is an engineer and energy planner who focuses on efforts on heritage conservation and environmental management across Nepal. He is the founding member and promoter of Nepal Art Village which aims at promoting the artisans' families for a vibrant destination for the future generation. 

Disebh Shrestha

Dishebh Shrestha

Dishebh Raj Shrestha is a lecturer at Kathmandu University and teaches Graphic Design.Dishebh holds a Bachelor's in design from Raffles College of Design and Commerce, and an MBA from Westcliff University. He has also completed courses in Human Centered Design and Social Entrepreneurship. He strives to merge passion with sustainable careers for aspiring creatives, and currently runs Square Studio, a collective for designers, to pursue passion projects along with commissioned ones. 


Dr Inge Panneels

Dr. Inge Panneels, artist and Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University, Creative Informatics, is looking at how data and technology can help the creative industries and the role creativity can play to implement a culture shift towards a circular economy which operates within social and ecological boundaries. She is a current Trustee of Edinburgh Tool Library; Crafts Advocate for Creative Arts Business Network (CABN) and Specialist Advisor for Creative Scotland and Scottish Arts Council. 


Kirti Man Shakya

Kirti Man Shakya is a faculty member at Department of Arts and Design at Kathmandu University since 2011. He comes from a traditional crafts family, basically working on metal casting, jewellery, and accessories based on lost wax casting and sheet metal work. He was a visiting faculty member at the Department of Jewellery Design, Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan from 2008-2010 as well as at Qinghai Nationalities University, 2018. 


Dr. Lynne Hocking

Dr. Lynne Hocking is a handweaver and trained scientist whose work sits at the intersection of art/craft and science, creating handwoven objects that turn data into physical objects. Her practice has a strong focus on environmental sustainability, upcycling and aiming for minimal waste. Along with her own work and teaching, she also supports creative, multi-disciplinary collaborations through academic research projects and presents this work regularly at conferences and other forums. 


Rosha Bajracharya

Rosha Bajracharya is trained as a journalist, who launched Crafted in Kathmandu not as a business company but to help trained skilled artisan families to sustain their livelihood. She furthered the concept to develop it into a bigger goal to join hands with master craftsmen to create Nepal Art Village after the 2015 earthquake. 


Pratisthit Lal Shrestha

Pratisthit Lal Shrestha is an Engineer and Assistant Professor of Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University, Nepal. He is the team leader and principal investigator at Design Lab (working on innovation, digital manufacturing and design closely with artists and engineers). He has been involved in the field of Bio mechatronics, Prosthetics, Assistive Devices and Product Development in the Design lab. 


Prina Bajracharya

Prina Bajracharya is a Computer Engineer who ended up being a Human Centric Designer. She is passionate about understanding people, and their needs (why they do what they do?) and believes that a good design can make a difference in creating meaningful experiences. Her work is motivated by a deep belief in design as a medium for problem solving, understanding and establishing relationships between ideas and reality, and strengthening the interactions between people and the product they use.


Saurav Dhakal

Saurav Dhakal is a media person who had walked along the 1550 km long Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal. His expertise on telling stories about people and its livelihood took more steps further after he joined as member of Nepal Art Village where his green concept is going to materialise into conservation education centre to be known as Nepal Garden Center. 



Helen Voce

Helen Voce is an independent producer of projects, events and development programmes working locally in Glasgow, nationally in Scotland, internationally and voluntarily in the creative industries. She designs, facilitates and produces opportunities, initiatives and spaces in which creative practitioners, micro-businesses and projects can realise their full artistic and business potential. Her professional specialism and personal interest are contemporary craft and design.