Climate Cafe Series 2022

In 2021, we organised the first #YouthClimateCafe (YCC) with MP Alok Sharma, UK COP26 President.

Designed to build a common narrative from representatives working across diverse climate change actions, the first YCC event was designed to frame climate change contexts in Nepal through a lens of diversity and inclusion in a concise and creative format. 

The series was reprised with support from Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA)  and the British Embassy in Nepal to engage additional stakeholders of COP26 and more than 50 youth leaders who participated in the series.

YCC offers a valuable gathering space for youth leaders who wish to connect with each other, especially beyond their immediate network and across sectors. YCC continues in November and December 2022 with a series of events around COP27.

The Youth Climate Cafe series is part of the Road to COP 26 campaign implemented by the British Council and supported by British Embassy in Nepal.

Youth Climate Café Videos

Youth Climate Café reporting from COP (1st video)

Youth Climate Cafe reporting  from COP (2nd video)  

Youth Climate Cafe reporting from COP (3rd video)

Youth Climate Café - 1st episode

 Climate Café Live