The British Council is implementing the Road to COP26 campaign to support xHMG and GoN objectives to create tangible outcomes in the lead up to COP26 by working with a range of national actors on climate change resources, expressions, and actions.

Nepali youths have been leading conversations and actions aimed at managing the climate crisis. They have been at the forefront of advocacy and helped formulate policy through debate and discussions. COP26 offers a unique opportunity to bring the youth, their actions, leadership, and aspirations together to form a common agenda for the youth COP26 and beyond. British Council’s Youth Climate Café series is being designed and rolled out for this purpose in partnership with Nepalese Youth in Climate Action. There will be a total of six sessions that follow the very first engagement held with MP Alok Sharma, President of UK COP26. 

Each successive session (up to December 2021) are designed to contribute to longer-term objectives - creating real value when by reviewing collective will, action and impact. The series aims to build connections between youth in climate action as well as with media to capture and present the content of Nepali voices carried to the pre-COP26 youth platforms like the Youth Summit and Conference of the Youth.  Post-COP26, sessions will aim to ensure that representatives at COP26 get a chance to report back on highlights and work towards advancing commitments and ambitions together.


Youth Climate Café will be a 90-minute engagement. An hour-long public live stream that will present a moderated discussion between participating youth leaders and UK in Nepal stakeholders (BEK, British Council and others). Moderator for the series Anil Chitrakar will be preparing a scripted discussion – highlight each speakers’ perspectives on climate action about their professional and personal contributions.

A 30-minute open discussion will follow the live stream, where youth leaders can engage in open discussion and support NYCA and Anil Chitrakar to inform the discussion at the next session (scheduled for 4 October). 

Two speakers will be joining virtually (they will be featured on a standing monitor). Additional youth leaders from across NYCA network will be watching/listening through a dedicated Zoom session.

Upcoming events

Youth Climate Café : Communication 

October 4, 2021 

The main output we seek from the second Youth Climate Café on October 4, 2021 is to build a partnership between youth in climate actions and the media. Youth need to hear from other youth who are taking the lead and launching innovative ideas. Youth need to be inspired by the work of the other young people across Nepal and globally. This requires a dedicated session where the media understands the youth, and youth understand how the media operates. This process needs nurturing and an open space where both sides open up to the other. 

Participants will include youth actors and journalists’ part of the Women Reporters of Climate Change programme of the Road to Cop26 campaign.  

Youth Climate Café  

October 21, 2021 

This session seeks to capture and present the content of the voice of Nepali youth that is being carried to Conference of Youth (COY). The output of this session will be to ensure that the concerns, the work and the aspirations of Nepali youth are documented and packaged well for the COY. The session will be designed as a “soft launch” of the paper being taken to COY and ensure that the global forum is leveraged to amplify the voices of the youth from Nepal to the rest of the youth across the world.  

Participants will include British Council grantees of other global offers (#Destination Zero, FAMELAB, Fashion Open Studios) and the delegate to the 16th Conference of Youth in Glasgow, Scotland.  

Youth Climate Café  

Date - TBC 

This session will be dedicated to ensuring that the youth representatives at COP26 get a chance to report on a real time basis from COP26 back to the youth in Nepal. What does it mean to represent Nepal, what is the experience, what is the progress so far and what more can we expect? This will be a virtual session between youth at the COP 26 venues and youth across Nepal. 

Youth Climate Café  

Date - TBC 

This session will take place shortly after the youth participants return back to Nepal and will be used to share the outcomes and achievements of COP26. It is important that the information be shared across Nepal so that everyone knows what to expect and make plans for the post COVID-19 period. The commitments, strategy, allocated resources, timeline and unresolved issues (if any) will get the needed attention across youth networks. 

Youth Climate Café  

Date - TBC 

This session will be dedicated to designing and launching a “new” modality for Nepali youth to respond to the decisions, outcomes and processes agreed to at COP26. We shall bring together all the key stakeholders and ensure that we agree on a framework on the best way forward as well as the critical next steps for Nepal. We shall also discuss key milestones that we need to achieve and ways of reporting on progress made.