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In Our Hands is a youth entrepreneurship programme which aims to build capacity, and provide resources, platforms and connections to help develop a creative green economy in Nepal to advance its long-term climate goals. It comprises a series of workshops that include mentoring sessions, a pitching and networking event, a grant and a final showcase of opportunities. 


Our study of culture’s roles in the Sustainable Development Goals advocates for the SDGs to be more considerate of culture in development (See Missing Pillar report). In Our Hands is thus focused on cultural (or traditional) making as a stepping-stone to realising the Creative Green Economy – a low-carbon economy that benefits from the interrelations between People, Planet, Purpose, Place and the open market.  

Youth are ready to rise up to the challenge of climate change but are unable to act because they lack the access and resources to take the next step (see Youth Perception on Climate Change report). At multiple crossroads because of globalisation and in-country conditions, Nepal’s youth exhibit a strong interest in their communities and traditional knowledge systems. This much is apparent from the proliferation of heritage-based businesses in recent years that are youth-led. In Our Hands sees youth entrepreneurship as a key contributor to inclusive development, which if steered towards larger purposes than profit can deliver immense value for communities across Nepal. 

In Our Hands is a research and development grant programme that comprises structured and guided learning delivered through research, business planning exercises and grants to develop prototypes or to pilot ideas. Experts from relevant sectors provide mentoring throughout the course of the programme over multiple months. The IOH curriculum is based on the Quintuple Bottomline which is intended to highlight interrelations between Place, People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. The 5Ps allow heritage to come into a logical framework that not only articulates but champions people-centred approaches. Ideas that benefit all levels of society, bring social cohesion and economic growth (See Culture Heritage for Inclusive Growth, 2018).

In Our Hands was introduced as an innovation grant through the Road to COP26 campaign (2020-2022). The first iteration was based on activities conducted since 2018 for Crafting Futures (2018 – 2022). Today it is part of the British Council’s Culture Responds global programme. The programme has worked with over 12 projects and supported another 50 with incubation activities delivered by a consortium of partners. Please visit the partner page for details about our mentors/facilitators. 

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