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In Our Hands is a new youth entrepreneurship programme which aims to build capacity, and provide resources, platforms and connections to help develop a creative green economy in Nepal to advance its long-term climate goals. It comprises of a series of workshops that include mentoring sessions, a pitching and networking event, a grant and a final showcase of opportunities. 

The programme is a part of the Road to COP programme. 


Since 2019, the British Council has been working with a consortium of partners to explore the intersections of environment, society and culture. Crafting Futures, one of the British Council’s global programmes became the basis for a 2021 programme offering the first innovation grant designed for nature-based craft businesses. In Our Hands continues these efforts by championing the creative green economy as a response to the global challenge of climate change. 

British Council research indicates that youth worldwide want to act but do not have the right space in climate change response. We also have looked at how inclusion can be supported through the application of heritage in development.  

In Our Hands brings these together to support youth entrepreneurship for greener, more inclusive and more resilient development.

How you can get involved

Applications are now open to participate in a series of workshops, mentoring sessions and grants scheme facilitated by Nepali and UK experts. 

Participants will benefit from guided learning, one-on-one mentoring and grant opportunities. Sessions will be delivered virtually with a few physical events organised in Kathmandu.   

From September 2022 to November 2022 selected applicants will participate in virtual sessions to develop awareness and skills, and connect with industry experts and stakeholders. They will benefit from a mix of mentoring, lectures, guided learning and field research. The programme will focus on experiential learning where facilitators will introduce diverse concepts across an interdisciplinary curriculum.  

Topics like design thinking, alternative economic models, business modelling, creative advocacy and prototyping will help challenge participants and inspire their personal and collective roles in climate action. They will learn the value of people-centred approaches which can lead to inclusive economic growth and see how these can take shape in the real world. Participants will be using Applied Arts Scotland’s Craft Toolkit (Nepali version to be available in September) to support their business modelling throughout the workshop period. 

At the end of the workshops, participants will have an opportunity to come together at a pitching event where up to six projects will be provided grants to pilot/prototype their ideas for a creative green economy. The grants project will be active in December/January to prototype/pilot the ideas and present them to audiences in Nepal and the UK. 

In Our Hands is delivered by faculty from Kathmandu University, Edinburgh Napier University, experts from Applied Arts Scotland, and Nepal Art Village supported by the National Innovation Centre. Please visit the team page for details about our mentors/facilitators.


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