Rajan Adhakari

Rajan Adhikari highlights the significant impact of Critical Thinking Problem Solving (CTPS) training where he learned that education doesn’t have to be limited to textbooks. Making learning enjoyable and providing feedback to students is crucial for their development and the learning process.

Rajan Adhikari, 43, is a mathematics teacher in Mathagadi Rural Municipality who has 18 years of experience in the teaching field. Rajan participated in CTPS training conducted by the British Council, where he gained skills in crafting an action plan for CTPS development. His action plan was titled ‘Developing CTPS in Trigonometry’.

Rajan's teaching methods have changed over time, focusing more on project-based learning after participating in the CTPS training. He plans to integrate CTPS techniques into his daily teaching practices, also realising that when learning is enjoyable, deeper understanding occurs among the students. He believes that developing these skills has helped him teach young people to grow into creative and critical thinkers.

Rajan's CTPS teaching methods have helped his students develop the ability to understand things logically. Previously, students were hesitant to ask questions. To address this, Rajan adopted a practical approach, connecting geometry to the real world by measuring the heights of tall trees and buildings. This not only sparked students' interest but also encouraged them to ask questions and engage more deeply with the subject, resulting in improved performance. They’re now thinking logically and creatively.

He consistently motivates his students to engage with the material, teaching them that asking questions is necessary and crucial for the learning process. After the training, Rajan promoted a critical thinking approach for himself and his fellow teachers, as they have also been impacted by it.

‘Thanks to CTPS training, my students can now think critically and ask questions. They've learned that things can be seen and understood in various ways, which promotes innovation. I also learn from my students during this process.’

CTPS training is part of our Shakshyam: The Quality Education Quality School project which aims to improve the quality of education by focusing on key areas such as enhancing teachers' skills, improving students' English and leadership abilities, system strengthening and establishing a group of teacher educators to support continuous professional development of teachers.

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