1. Sandevi Thakali, Teacher, Janakalyan Basic School, Mustang
     Received training on “Creativity and Imagination in Classroom” 

“I have been in teaching profession for the last 19 years. I have attended a lot of teacher trainings over the years, but this training is different. The trainings in the past were more teacher centric, but this training conducted by the British Council, is children centric. It has taught me to introduce group works in our classroom. Previously, we used to make our students work individually, and didn’t let them talk in the classroom. But what I have learnt from this training is totally different. The new teaching technique tells us to encourage group work among students and support each other in the learning process. Due to the technique, it is now much easier to teach in the classroom and students also enjoy learning in a fun way.”

Building on the internationally recognised framework for deep learning skills and competencies, the British Council is championing the development of six Core and Transferable Skills among the pupils through its Connecting Classrooms through a global learning programme, co-funded by FCDO. Through this programme, teachers are offered a range of professional development training packages to support them to effectively integrate the teaching of Core Skills in their classrooms. 


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