British Council Nepal 

The British Council recently sponsored 6 delegates from  key A level partner schools to attend a Schools Now! Conference 2018 on 06 -07 March in Jordan, Amman.

This is the third series of Schools Now! Conferences. The theme was Innovation at system, school and classroom which was followed by recent developments in education practice.         

The conference explored innovation  

  • for teachers- for capacity development and increasing the opportunities for professional growth and improvement.
  • for learners-  to promote collaboration and co-operation.
  • for leaders as change agents- to consider the culture required for innovation in the classroom and the importance of communication technologies as a vehicle for change in 21st century learning.

Schools leaders were from  Chelsea International Academy, Trinity International College, Little Angels College, Xavier International College, British Model College and NAMI college participated in schools now conference. Ms. Yashodhara Prasai Bhetuwal from Nami college also presented on a Project based learning – “A new initiative of NAMI in Nepal.”


Rajen Kandel

CEO- British Model College

“Schools Now! 2018 was very useful and informative programme. It gave me great knowledge about various kind of innovations in school sector around the world. Programme was attended by school leaders around the world which gave excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people. It is great initiative of British Council and thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend this. “

Nirmal Adhikari

Principal- Trinity International College

The Schools Now! 2018 in Jordan was really insightful and awakening. Two days of conference entitled Innovation in Education was relevant for our school, teachers and students as well. We got multiple perspectives from school teachers around the world. The conference for me came at a time when the premium on innovation and creativity in education is growing further. I would like to thank British Council and Partner Schools Global Network for this excellent platform which will certainly help us more forward for heavy agents of change  in the changing context of the country as well as the globe.”

Sudhir Kumar Jha

Founder and Principal- Chelsea International Academy

“The conference is beneficial for me and everyone who participated .I met many delegates and found all of them full of energy. The theme is very much contextual and  the speakers are really great. Lastly, I want to thank British Council for this opportunity. Thank you!”

Yashodhara Prasai Bhetuwal

A Level coordinator- NAMI College

“I as the educator got the chance to learn different ideas shared by various delegates of different countries around the world. I also got an opportunity to present to the wider group of audience regarding innovation brought in education through a project of NAMI College which is called “Project Nyano” . This will help me to strengthen the efficiency of our institution. I would like to British Council for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity. “

Gopal Bahadur Bhandari

Executive Director- Xavier International College

Participating in this conference helped me enhance my existing personal and professional skills and helped me come out of my traditional method of thinking style.

Food here at the Kempinski  Hotel  Ishtar was very good. Thank you British Council for giving me an opportunity to attend this conference.”

Prabhat Chhetry

Programme Coordinator- Little Angels College

The conference gave me great exposure to the innovation required in education. The inaugural speech by the education minister of Jordan was very inspiring. The British Councils’ initiative to bring member schools together is highly appreciable and commendable. Experts from various leading academic institutions shared their experiences through either keynote speech plenary discussion or gallery walk.  Thanks to the British Council, Jim and Julen for your kind encouragement and coordination from Kathmandu to Jordan.”