From left to right: IELTS Reward Winners Siddhanta Gurung, Jyoti Koirala and Summan Shrestha

Summan Shrestha

I want to study hospitality management in my undergrads in Australia and IELTS has helped pursue my dream. I took IELTS preparation course from Dynamic Universe Consultancy for a month and half. IELTS is very challenging but you can do well if you prepare well. IELTS is highly recognized in Australia and is the road to your academic career. Other than learning from the institute, I did practice via tutorials available on YouTube. When it comes to giving IELTS test, British Council has always remained everyone’s priority for its reputation and professional standard of conducting exams. Everything is systematic at the exam venue and the invigilators of British Council are very friendly. Thank you for this reward. When I first got the email as one of the winners, I couldn’t believe my eyes and then I was very happy.

Jyoti Koirala

I was not happy with my score when I gave IELTS for the first time. Therefore, this was my second time and now I am happy about it. As a working woman, it was difficult for me to go for IELTS preparation course in any consultancy. Since I had given IELTS before, I knew how to prepare for the second time. Therefore, I dedicated a full month to score better by myself. I referred to British Council Nepal’s website and found Road to IELTS programme, which was very helpful. Similarly I downloaded few mobile apps of IELTS for preparation. I also gave two mock tests. Learn English and IELTS MOOC posts of British Council Nepal’s Facebook page were very helpful as well. I found writing and speaking relatively more difficult than other strands of IELTS. I can see my dream of studying Public Health in either of Australia or Germany coming true now. The reputation of British Council and its international standard of conducting exam are known across the world. Now even the US recognizes IELTS highly. I recommend all my friends to give IELTS from British Council. IELTS Reward Scheme adds on to our motivation.

Siddhanta Gurung

I took a month long IELTS preparation course from Dolphin Education Consultancy in Biratnagar. For me, speaking test was difficult than other modules because the timing wasn’t the way I was made to prepare. It seemed like everything went too fast. About giving IELTS, it is the most recognized test not only in Europe and Australia but now in the US too. Many of cousins have flown to the US to study after giving IELTS. Each of them gave IELTS from British Council and I was also aware of the great reputation British Council has globally. The invigilators in general were very friendly and guided us well during the exam. This IELTS reward scheme is highly motivating.




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