We are delighted to announce a New! IELTS Reward Scheme. Many thanks to those of you who sent us suggestions on how the scheme should be organised. Based on your feedback, we will now begin Rewarding our IELTS customers in the following way:

  • Participation in the Reward Scheme is automatic each month for all IELTS and UKVI candidates who take their test with British Council
  • Each month the winners will receive NPR 20,000 each

We will announce the results of the Reward Scheme by the 20th of the following month. Announcements will be made via social media. The first announcement is by 20th July for the candidates who took IELTS with British Council in the month of June 2017

Selection Process

Each month winners will be selected by random draw using an online number generating site. Each time the draw takes place, a senior manager at British Council will supervise the process to ensure random selection. Please note will not be able to hold the draw in public because we have to access confidential data (IELTS candidate information) during the selection process. British Council staff and relatives are not eligible for this Scheme. The IELTS Reward Scheme is open to all candidates who take IELTS or UKVI test with British Council. 

IELTS with British Council

We have made it easier to do IELTS with British Council by increasing the number of registration partners and test locations and by enabling customers to pay at Nabil Bank branches. This new Scheme now makes it even more Rewarding to take an IELTS test with British Council….Book your IELTS and UKVI test now for your chance to receive an IELTS Reward!



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