From left to right: Amrita Neupane, Bidhya Kunwar Lamsal, (representative of Ayushi Ojha), Rupa Lama and Ashmita Chaudhary (on behalf of her sister)

Amrita Neupane

This was my second attempt of IELTS. I wanted to score better to pursue my dream of studying in Australia. I prepared myself for IELTS through available online resources. Road to IELTS online was very helpful. As a working woman, I dedicated four-five hours every weekend over a month to practice IELTS. Staffs at British Council Nepal were very friendly, organized and helpful during the IELTS registration process. Even at the exam venue, all the invigilators are extremely helpful and they are there for you in case of any problem. IELTS is accepted by universities across the world. Finally, when it comes to IELTS, there is no other organization as credible as British Council.

Ashmita Chaudhary on behalf of sister Nisha Bista

I am very delighted about my sister winning IELTS Reward. I am here to collect her reward on her behalf. She lives abroad and was here last month on break when she did the IELTS from British Council Kathmandu. I am so glad her hard work paid off and our parents are equally happy about this.

Bidhya Kunwar Lamsal

All my friends had given their IELTS test from British Council and they told me to do the same for it’s a credible and prestigious organization. After taking one month of IELTS preparation course, I gave IELTS from Biratnagar. The exam venue was highly organized and the invigilators were friendly and guided us in times of need. I am happy that I am one of the lucky IELTS reward winners. 

Rupa Lama

This is the second time I did the IELTS exam. I went through education consultancy in the first time and for this time I chose to study on my own through available online resources. I am planning to do my B.Sc in Nursing from Australia. I used to set timers on my cell phone to practice the modules of IELTS, I took help from several IELTS tips available on internet. Having given IELTS with British Council in the past, I was relaxed about the examination day. I knew that there is nothing that I need to worry about the exams venue. British Council maintains its reliability and professionalism.



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