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A large number of international students pursue programmes through the University of London, leading to UK qualifications in their home country. 

We offer administrative support to students who wish to study in Nepal through the University of London’s External Programme.  If you are thinking of studying from home with the University of London, we can help you apply for your course.

What is the External Programme?

The University's External Programme was established back in 1858 to make University of London degrees accessible to students who, for one reason or another, could not come to the University to study in the conventional way.  It helps students to study where they live, through distance learning, and graduate from the University of London.

What can I study?

You can choose from a wide range of subjects, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. However, most of the qualifications offered by the University of London are in the arts, humanities and social science disciplines.  Find out more about the subjects on offer at the University of London's website.

What are the benefits?

The External Programme offers a cost-effective solution to students who cannot study abroad, due to money, time or family commitments:

  • You can continue to work, so you can progress your career and earn money while you study
  • Registration and workload is set to suit your needs, so you have the added benefit of working at a pace to fit your lifestyle
  • Your work is assessed to exactly the same standard as that of an internal student
  • The University's colleges and academic staff are directly involved in the programme
  • Your period of registration is flexible
  • There are no quotas for entry
  • There are no requirements to attend personally
  • You can sit your exams at the British Council Nepal

What does distance learning look like?

Distance learning works like a conventional degree. Your work is assessed to exactly the same standard and you will be directly involved with your college and its academic staff. Depending on your subject, you may be taught through video conferencing, online forums and e-mail.  

How and when can I apply?

Although distance learning offers a flexible timetable, it is best to apply at specific times throughout the year to ensure you receive a place on your chosen course. You can visit the University of London's website for more information on how and when to apply.

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