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The British Council's approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of teachers and teacher educators reflects our global knowledge and expertise in understanding teaching and teacher development. Our vision is to provide high-quality CPD opportunities worldwide, enhancing educators' practice and contributing to their learners' success.  

Teaching for Success (TfS) is the British Council's evidence-based approach to teacher education and CPD. Structured around unique CPD frameworks, TfS offers competence descriptions, levels, and suggested pathways for improvement in teaching and learning across institutions and educational systems. Teacher educators play a critical role in the teachers' professional growth. Still, there is a lack of insight into the government's selection process, pathways to becoming teacher educators, necessary competencies for recruitment, provision of CPD opportunities, and the challenges they face. Addressing these knowledge gaps is crucial for effective support. There is an urgent need for a discussion on CPD for teachers and educators in Nepal. To address this, we organised the 7th Education Symposium on 26 February 2024 with the theme ‘Educational Excellence through the Professional Development of Teachers and Teacher Educators.’   

Programme Schedule 




Symposium Opening

10:30- 11:45



Session 1

Policies, practices, and successful models in teacher and teacher educator’s development 

1. Government of Nepal’s approaches for teacher and teacher educators’ development: Policies and plans, Girman Thapa, Director, CEHRD 

2. Current Trends and approaches to teacher and teacher educators’ CPD, Ann Veitch, Lead for English in a Multilingual World

3. Context-responsive approaches of teachers’ CPD, Parbati Dhungana, Kathmandu University 

11:45 - 12:20



Session 2

Presentation on key findings from the research on ‘Teacher’s educators CPD in Nepal’, Simon Borg and Dr Prem Poudel, Research Team  

Launch of research publication of Teacher Educators Continuous Professional Development in Nepal

Launch of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Teacher Training Curriculum

12:20 – 13:20


13:30 – 14:40

Session 3

Panel discussion on ‘Bridging the gap:  expectations vs. reality in teacher development and support system in federal context’.


  • German Thapa, Director, Teachers Training Section, CEHRD
  • Maina BK, Deputy Mayor, Gurbhakot Municipality (Teacher Support Mechanism)
  • Sita Gaihre, Teacher, Waling Municipality (experience of CPD)

Moderated by: Roshana Subba, Education Journalist Group

14:45 – 16:00





Session 4

Panel discussion on ‘Direction of Teacher Educator’s Development in Nepal’


  • Ann Veitch, Lead for English in a Multilingual World, British Council
  • Ramesh Ghimire, ETC, Bagmati Province
  • Aastha Kumari Chaudhary, Teacher Educator, ETC, Madesh

Moderated by: Dr Prem Poudel, Tribhuvan University

16:00 – 16:40

  • Participants’ reflections
  • Progress on actions from the last symposium
  • Symposium takeaway by Shankar Adhikari, Under Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


Education symposium pic 2
Education Symposium 2024
Education Symposium 2024 

Ann Veitch

Ann is British Council’s global lead for English as a language of learning and teaching and English within multilingual education, responsible for the British Council’s global programme ‘English in a multilingual world’. She is author of the British Council’s perspective on English in higher education – English medium and co-author of a Global mapping of English-medium instruction in higher education and study into gender and English-medium education in basic education in low and middle income contexts. Her interests are in inclusion and equity within English as a language of learning and teaching contexts, multilingual pedagogies and Global Englishes. Based in Scotland, Ann has worked in English language teaching, teacher training, academic and programme management for 23 years. She has experience of working in Poland, Egypt, Qatar, Tanzania and the UAE. Ann has an PG Cert in Multilingual Education (in progress), an MA in Professional Development for Language Education, a Cambridge Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Project Management Qualification with the Association of Project Management. 

Aastha Kumari Chaudhary

Ms. Astha Kumari Chaudhary, an English teacher at Shree Janata Secondary School in Banauta, Balwa Municipality, Mahottari, Madhesh Pradesh, serves as a provincial educational training centre trainer. Possessing an M.Ed. in English, she holds the role of general secretary in the NELTA Mahottari branch and boasts over a decade of engagement in the teaching-learning domain. A Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (FTEA) alumna from Fall 2019, she has actively presented in national and international ELT conferences in Nepal. Mrs. Chaudhary's commitment to education reflects in her dynamic involvement and leadership within the educational landscape

Parbati Dhungana

Parbati Dhungana, an unwavering academic, currently holds a full-time faculty position in the Department of STEAM Education and serves as the coordinator in the Continuing and Professional Education Centre (CPEC) at Kathmandu University. With a Ph.D. in Education from the same institution, she is deeply dedicated to teaching, research, and professional development. Her diverse research interests encompass sociocultural perspectives, participatory approaches to transformative learning, and gender studies. Demonstrating a robust publication history in esteemed journals, she co-authors textbooks and contributes significantly to academic and professional discourse. Her commitment to the university's mission is evident in her endeavours to enhance the learning experiences of educators, teacher leaders, and the broader community, thereby empowering the upcoming generation of scholars and educators while advancing knowledge in Continuing Education.

Dr. Prem Prasad Poudel

Dr. Prem Prasad Poudel, an Assistant Professor at the Department of English Education, Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tribhuvan University, has over a decade of experience in teacher education and applied linguistics. Having earned his doctoral degree from The Education University of Hong Kong, he actively engages in national and international research collaborations with various organisations. His research focuses on teacher education, language education policy, multilingualism, and globalised educational reforms. As a critical policy scholar, Dr Poudel emphasises issues of educational equity and equality in Nepal. His extensive work includes publication of numerous research papers in high-ranking international journals, showcasing his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse. 

Ramesh Prasad Ghimire

Ramesh Prasad Ghimire presently serves as an English Officer at the Education Training Center in Dhulikhel, Kabhrepalanchok, under the Ministry of Social Development, Bagmati Province. He holds an MEd in ELT from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, and a Postgraduate in Education (Leadership and Management) from Flinders University, Australia. His primary focus revolves around designing and implementing teacher professional development programs. Mr. Ghimire's areas of interest encompass teacher education, as well as the creation of ELT curricula and instructional materials. Committed to enhancing educational practices, he contributes significantly to the ongoing development of English language teaching in the region.

Sita Gaundel (Gaihre)

Sita Gaundel (Gaihre) hails from Waling Municipality, Syangja, and brings two decades of keen educational experience. Currently serving as the headteacher at Laxmi Secondary School, Waling, she demonstrates a steadfast commitment to student success and employs innovative teaching methodologies. Actively engaged in mentoring schoolteachers within Waling Municipality, Ms. Gaundel proudly identifies as a social activist. Her passion for education, coupled with her role as a mentor and social advocate, underscores her dedication to academic achievement and contributing positively to the educational landscape in the region.

Girman Thapa

Since 1997 AD, Girman has served as a government employee, initially joining as a teacher trainer, dedicating 12 years to the role. Following his promotion to undersecretary, he assumed diverse positions: senior instructor at the Educational Training Centre, District Education Officer, head at the Regional Office of the National Examinations Board, and undersecretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST). Presently, he holds the position of Director at the National Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) under MoEST. In this role, he oversees the effective implementation of MoEST policies, plans, and programmes, ensuring their successful realisation.

Maina BK

Maina BK currently holds the position of Deputy Mayor in Gurbhakot Municipality. After dedicating a decade to lower secondary education, she transitioned to politics, winning the Deputy Mayor position in 2017 and securing re-election in 2022. Beyond her notable political accomplishments, Ms. BK demonstrates a resolute commitment to community development. Additionally, her engagement extends to the financial sector. Her multifaceted involvement reflects not only her success in local governance but also her dedication to enhancing community welfare and contributing to financial sectors, showcasing a comprehensive approach to public service and community advancement.

Simon Borg

Simon Borg has a distinguished career spanning 35 years in English language teaching and teacher education. His expertise lies in crafting, executing, assessing, and studying teacher education and professional development programmes and policies. With multiple publication record and a wealth of experience, he has undertaken consultancy projects in educational contexts across more than 25 countries.

Roshna Subba

Roshna is a driven and passionate journalist with a steadfast commitment to advancing and enhancing public education. Over the course of more than two decades, her primary focus has been education, serving as an education journalist. In the past five years alone, she has visited over 100 community schools for reporting purposes. Renowned for her in-depth coverage of various public education issues, she dedicated over a decade to working at Radio Sagarmatha, the first community radio station in South Asia, where she served as a programme producer for the education programme ‘SHIKSHYA DABALI.’

Watch the recording of the programme here. 

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