24-25 February 2022, Kathmandu  
Theme: ICT in Education 


British Council Nepal is hosting its 5th Education Symposium in February and we’re again going virtual.  The theme of this year’s event is Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education. The event aims to bring together policymakers, planners, administrators, headteachers, teachers, researchers, NGO, private sector and development partners to share different perspectives and discuss issues around ICT in Education, the principles around it and the practices in Nepal and other countries in South Asia.   

Before the pandemic, remote teaching and learning wasn’t a preferred medium for schools, especially in public schools. All teaching and trainings were done face-to-face, and everyone considered the face-to-face mode of delivery as more effective. In Q3 of the last financial year, the government published remote teaching and learning guidelines as a response to the pandemic. This wasn’t readily accepted as resources were not ready, teachers were not trained, and the majority of the students did not have access to good connectivity and resources. However, some schools in Nepal and South Asia have been found to use innovative ways for remote teaching and learning.  

Although ICT plays a crucial role in the education system in this changed context, little or no dialogue has been done around the theme of ICT in education. This virtual symposium will provide a platform for presentations, debates and discussions around the same issues at policy and practice levels, involving national and international decision-makers and stakeholders, and members of the wider education community.    

Aims and objectives  

The event aims to:  

  • create a platform for the British Council and other education stakeholders to share best practices from projects related to ICT in Education, 
  • facilitate informed discussion about issues and challenges relating to the practice of ICT in Education in Nepal and other countries &  
  • provide opportunities for information sharing and constructive dialogues.  



Date and Time 





14.30 – 15.30 

Opening of the Symposium  

  •  Welcome address – Sagun Shrestha, Acting Country Director, British Council Nepal.
  • Opening remarks – Her excellency, Nicola Pollitt, British Ambassador to Nepal.
  • Welcome address – Dr Hari Prasad Lamsal, Joint Secretary, MoEST.

Discussion on current policies and practices relating to ICT in Education   


  • Policies on ICT in Education Nepal, Adesh Khadka, Chief Engineer, MoEST (Policies)
  • How British Council-led/adapted remote teaching and learning practices in Nepal.
  • Bridging the Education Digital Divide to Reach the Most Marginalized, Frank Van Cappelle, UNICEF.   

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15.30 – 16.00  

  • Launch of the British Council’s publication on ‘Supporting Teaching and Learning in developing countries: from the global to the local’.    
  • Dr Hari Prasad Lamsal, Liana Hyde, Dr MichaelHammondand Sagun Shrestha will launch the book. 
  • Overview of VOR publication - Editor, Michael Hammond.





14.30 – 15.15 

















15.15 – 16:00 

Regional Panel discussion:

  • What are the best practices on ICT in education in South Asia?  
  • What has teachers in different countries done so far in incorporating ICT in classroom settings?   


Pakistan – Ms Lubna Shah  

India – Ms Fauzia Ansari 

SriLankan – Ms Yamuna Ratnayake 

Bangladesh – Mr Muhammad Masud Rehman Noor 

Nepal – Ms Anju Lama 

Facilitator: Liana Hyde 


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Presentation on case studies and research   

  • Presentation#1

Karna Rana: How teachers developed remote learning during the Covid-19 crisis: What can we learn from rural teachers in Nepal?   

  • Presentation#2

Sikha Gurung and Manuka Adhikari: Caterpillars break their cocoons: Teachers’ journeys of transformation in Nepal.  


  • Presentation#3 

Vaishali Pradhan and Liana Hyde: The use of technology to support remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: Responses in South Asia. Sharing of Digital Literacy-Teacher Professional Development curriculum  

  • Presentation#4
Raju Shrestha, Technical Officer,CEHRD 


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Final takeaway session from DrLaxman Gyawali, Professor, Kathmandu University  


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