What is "Your World" competition?

Your World is the first ever global student competition organised by British Council. Students from O and A levels across the globe have been invited to create and submit videos on ‘Your World’: their lives and their communities for the world to see. This is an excellent chance for students to use and hone their creative skills, alongside academic learning. 

Entry mechanics

There are two categories: 

  • Students aged between 14 and 16
  • Students aged between 17 and 19
  • Each school can submit two entries, one from each of the category, above
  • Students, via their schools, submit video content as mp4 file
  • It should be a video of no more than 3 minutes recorded on any device such as phones, ipads, video camera, etc.
  • Schools to upload the videos on Vimeo
  • Production quality is not included in our judging criteria

Criteria of selection will be based on:

  1. Content
  2. Structure
  3. Visual design
  4. Overall experience 


The theme for this year is: Natural Environment

Students will be making a 3 minute video that will focus on key areas related to natural environment.

The video should highlight how the issues have been identified, how it is relevant to the environmental causes within communities and, most importantly, how strongly the public message has been conveyed through this video. In addition to identifying a key area, students in their teams should suggest possible solutions for the highlighted issues in their video. The community could be their country, town or city, school or a group of people large or small.

Thousands of students from around the globe are participating in the competition.

In Nepal 49 students from 

1.British Model College

2.'GEMS' Instituter of Higher Education

3.Global College International

4.Little Angels College

5.Nami College 

6.Novel Academy

7.Rupys International School

8.Trinity International College

9.Xavier International Academy

Participated for 2018


There will be a certificate ceremony for all students who enter. The winner at country level will then go to the regional finals to decide global winner. The global winner will be invited to attend a summer school in the UK at a British Council accredited school.

This year Global College International is the country winner for Nepal.

Here is the video link https://vimeo.com/259011649

Global winners of Your World competition 2017 are as follows:

Kuwait Al Rashid Indian School https://vimeo.com/257643356
Bangladesh Maple Leaf International School                   https://vimeo.com/259008101
Uganda Aga Khan High School https://vimeo.com/258568886
Peru Paradise of Children https://vimeo.com/260126585