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British Council Nepal

Anil Khanal 

I took the IELTS because I want to study IT in Australia. My consultancy told me about British Council and also told me that I was one of the lucky IELTS reward winners. I believe the reward money will be very useful for my documents processing. I practiced 2-3 hours every day for the exam. During my exam time, I found all the staffs at the venue very professional, informative and had good coordination. I would recommend anyone who is planning to take the IELTS exam to take it from British Council because they do fair results, the facilities they provide are very good and the environment is very friendly.

Sameer Pratap Rana

I did my +2 in Management and want to pursue further study in it. The exams weren’t that difficult but unfortunately I didn’t get marks I was hoping for in Listening part so I am planning to take the test again. I practiced for 2-3 hours every day for four weeks for the exams. When I told my family about the IELTS reward, they said I was lucky and told me that I can use the money to take the test again. I would gladly recommend British Council for IELTS because they have good service, very helpful and you won’t face any difficulty to process for the exam because the staffs there are very professional and well-informed. 

Sameer Pratap Rana ©

British Council Nepal

Sabin Karki ©

British Council Nepal 

Sabin Karki

I took the test because I want to pursue my Master degree in Arts in Denmark. I prepared studying online materials for the test. I mostly practiced through YouTube videos for the test. Two of my tests were done at British Council office and other two at United World Trade Centre; both of the venues were very well managed. The staffs were well-informed, seemed experienced and friendly. I would definitely recommend British Council for IELTS because it’s the oldest organization to take the test. Furthermore, British Council is well renowned and reliable with very friendly, skilled staffs. And also the test equipment they have of good quality.