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Financial Planning and Risk Management

The workshop identified how the participants were managing their disposable income and prescribed various tools available to maximize savings against recurring expenses. It also covered risks associated with investments as well as risk mitigating processes. Insurance as a financial tool for planning for the future was also discussed. 

About Facilitators:

Mr. Parajuli has been associated with the financial sector for approximately 15 years and has recently joined Reliance Life Insurance in the capacity as CEO

Mr. Kasaju has been associated with insurance sector for around 4 years and currently heads the Training wing of Reliance Life Insurance


Legal Rights of Women in Nepal

This workshop focused on the rights of Nepalese women in a plain and simple language to make it accessible for general public. It covered both guaranteed rights and those that are yet to be recognized. 

Major issues facing women’s rights including lack of awareness and implementation as well as how these are being addressed by individuals and institutions were also discussed/

About Facilitator(s):

Sabin Shrestha is an Advocate and Executive Director of Forum for Women, Law & Development (FWLD). Mr. Shrestha is also known as a champion in advocating for equal citizenship rights and has been involved in much research regarding citizenship, such as Acquisition of Citizenship Certificate in Nepal: Estimated Prevalence (2013), Analysis of Nepalese Citizenship Laws from a Gender Perspective (2014), Acquisition of Citizenship Certificate in Nepal: Understanding Trends, Barrier & Impacts (2014) among others. During his career he has been deeply involved working in the field of law reformation and policy development primarily on matters relating to discrimination against women and marginalized groups. 


Solo Travel

This was a workshop for those who love travelling and are considering solo travel options, especially as women travelling domestically within Nepal. It presented basic elements that go into making a successful solo journey including: risk management, itinerary building, budget planning and female hygiene. 

About Facilitator(s):

NepaliTravellers is a travel community by and for all who identify themselves as Nepalis who create and publish travel content that are intimate and localized, within Nepal and beyond. The community organizes events and grants to facilitate travel plans that are substantial in their intent and experience. This workshop will be facilitated by a group of Solo Woman Travel Challenge 2017 winners.


Masterclass: Girl’s Guide to Graphic Novels

The 3-hour masterclass was aimed towards individuals who have ideas (but can’t draw) or young women (and men) artists who wish to start on a graphic novel. The interactive session introduced different approaches to graphic novel creation and followed with a practical workshop using referencing the works of American graphic novelist Brian Fies. This workshop was organized through the Creating Heroines project of the British Council

About the Facilitator

Nicola Streeten is an anthropologist-turned-illustrator and author of award winning graphic memoir, Billy, Me & You. She co-founded the international forum Laydeez do Comics in 2009. She has a PhD from the University of Sussex on A Cultural History of Feminist Cartoons and Comics in Britain from 1970 to 2010. Streeten co-edited The Inking Woman: 250 years of Women Cartoons in Britain, which will be launched in March 2018. Since 2014 she has lectured on the BA Illustration and Animation courses at Kingston University and London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London and in Cultural Studies in the Media, Film and Music department at the University of Sussex.


Fearless Futures

Inspired by the notion of a new future as a communal effort – Fearless Collective (India, Pakistan) worked with participants on a life-size map that wove together symbols representing ideas of systems, structures and social constructions that people navigate each day. Starting with this intersectional approach, the day-long workshop focused on realizing deeper recognition and integration of art and imagination to replace fear and oppression towards more critical thinking and a feminist future traversing spatial, economic, spiritual, political and other realities.

About Facilitators:

Shilo Shiv Suleman is an Indian artist whose work lies at the intersection of magical realism, technology, art and social justice. She started the Fearless Collective in 2012. Nida Mushtaq is an activist from Pakistan whose work focuses on programming for social development embedded in critical narratives of local relevance. Together they run Fearless Collective from across the border, united by their love for poetry, beauty and imagination.


Online Security

This workshop focused on keeping one's data secure on the Internet. Focus areas included keeping online profiles on major social networking and other platforms private, how to safeguard data from misuse  and the tools/tech available that can help. Workshop also debunked myths regarding online data and touched on topics of cyberbullying and other forms of harassment faced by user, especially women/girls. 

About the Facilitators: 

Women Leaders in IT is a technical and professional leadership development organization for young women and girls who aspire to be innovators. Workshop was facilitated by Shivani Chhetri and Nishla Shakya from WLIT. 


Rivers and Women

Connecting works from British Council’s Rivers of the World project (in partnership with the Thames River Trust) and photography by photojournalist Uma Bista, this guided tour and discussion facilitated reflections amongst partner schools of the ROW project to further their understanding regarding the cultural and social connections between women/girls and waterbodies in Nepal.

About Facilitator

Kailash K. Shrestha is a contemporary artist based in Kathmandu. He is the founder of Artudio, a platform for creative professionals. Shrestha is the implementation partner of the British Council, working with 6 schools in the city of Kathmandu and Pokhara to create multi-disciplinary visual works around rivers and their issues with children.