Ganga Ram Mahato tells us how the Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development Webinar series has helped him change his traditional way of teaching to meet learning outcomes effectively. 

‘The webinars have supported me to achieve all my teaching and curriculum goals.

Like many of his peers, Ganga was stuck in a repetitive routine of a traditional teacher-centred approach in the classroom, until he took part in the Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development Webinar series. Ganga used to think that teaching was a one-way channel where the teacher presented information to the students who functioned only as passive listeners. After taking part in the webinar series, he has now changed his way of thinking and has developed a student-centred approach in the classroom.

‘I had some knowledge about activities in the classroom such as techniques for developing reading and listening skills. After attending the webinars and comparing the activities, I felt like my methods were not as fruitful. My ways of teaching felt old and outdated.’

Ganga has also been taking part in the webinar quizzes as he feels that TPD is a continuous process and has won prizes in the recent round.

Now, Ganga has developed different techniques such as utilising flashcards and conducting listening and reading sessions meaningfully. By incorporating these methods in his classroom, his students are more motivated to learn and engaged in the classroom. Ganga has changed the way he teaches to best meet the needs of his students.