In March 2021, the Center for Education and Human Resources Development (CEHRD) of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology organised a two-day training of trainers for the Education Management Information System (EMIS). 

Of 39 participants, 15 women representatives from the Local Government (LG), Provincial Government (PG), and Federal Government (FG) attended the training, who in turn will prepare and develop the capacity of staff in schools and local government to submit complete and accurate EMIS data for better planning and strategic direction.

'Given the education delivery is now the responsibility of the LG, it is imperative that the FG support their capacity, including managing education information,' shared Baikuntha Prasad Aryal, Director General of the CEHRD. Speaking on the value of EMIS, he also added that the EMIS provides schools with their improvement plans, LGs with planning, budgeting, and strategic interventions, and for the FG to measure progress towards Nepal’s Sustainable Development Goals and international commitments. 

The training is supported by the British Council implemented School Sector Development Programme-Technical Assistance (SSDP- TA) project, co-funded by the European Union and the Asian Development Bank.