Personal and Professional development (16 hours) workshop

(slight change in dates)

 Workshop Date:         

Saturday 20 February 9:00AM -4:00 PM

Sunday 21 February 9:00 AM - 1.30 PM

Saturday 27 February 9:00 AM -4:00 PM

 Who for

Early career stage professionals looking to grow and promote their careers: you’ll have the knowledge through your qualifications and will have been gaining experience for the last couple of years.  You’re now at a point where you realise which skills areas you’d like to improve and above all want to strengthen your approach confidence and motivation.

You’re smart and need a short, smart burst of development support to get you to the next level. To participate in any of these courses you must have a suitable level of English: this means being able to discuss sometimes complex issues and to have a critical awareness of appropriate language function and use.If you are unsure about whether your language competency is sufficient please ask our staff.

 Why - Learning Outcomes

Throughout this course participants will: Develop an awareness of your personal preferences (and style) and understand how these can affect your behaviour in a variety of situation. Develop an ability to notice and tune to other’s preferences to aid communication, relationship building and success, specifically in the workplace

  •  Worked with assertiveness and practised tactics to improve this appropriately
  • An awareness of personal strengths and how to use these to best advantage
  • An understanding of teams – how to build, be and manage effective teams
  • A strategy and plan for your future personal and professional developmen 

Course Fee: NPR 7500/-

Communication Skills (16 hours) workshop

 Course Date:               Feb 15-19

 Days:                           Monday- Friday

Time:                           10:30 AM -2:30 PM (with one hour break in between)

 Who for

To attend this course you should have a good, demonstrable level of spoken and written English (B1 or above). For example you probably work or study using English medium; you feel confident to engage in debate and discussion in English; your social media contributions are usually in English. This course is suitable for college students, early career professionals and anyone wishing to become an excellent communicator!

 Why take this course

This is an experiential learning style course: you’ll be working on interactive tasks with fellow participants and be ready to critically review your own and others’ work. You should be ready to participate fully – it’s fun, but hard work!

 During the course you’ll

  • Have created tactics and tools for effective communication with any audience
  • Have mastered the art of excellent presenting
  • Become adept at reading and writing effective professional emails
  • Tried and practised English language techniques and tools for business phone calls
  • Become more confident and effective communicators 

 Course Fee: NPR 7500/-

 Both the courses delivered by: Jo Chaffer, International Trainer, Coach & Consultant

 Contact the Customer Service Staff/Desk for registration. Registration Closes on 10 Feb. 2016.