“Apart from farmers, health workers and security personnel, if anyone is occupied amid this Covid-19 pandemic, it is undoubtedly the teachers who are striving to continue teaching and learning activities for the students. Like most of the teachers, I was exploring and struggling with various online teaching platforms. When I came to know about Continue to Learn, an online webinar series by the British Council and  NELTA, I felt relieved and hopeful. Without any delay, I signed up to participate in the webinar and attended all sessions in a row. The sessions were comprehensive and ranged from considering teachers’ well-being to designing of online lessons and sharing of useful e-resources for teaching and learning.  

By participating in the webinar, I had an opportunity to put my questions to experts and learn new ways of addressing the challenges that I was facing while teaching online. In fact, the webinar has paved a clear path to enhance teaching and learning practice through the online environment by developing learner-friendly lessons based on the current needs, levels and interests. To add, the efforts put by the facilitators to obtain and address participants’ queries and feedback after every session is appreciable and will prove to be of high use to make the upcoming sessions more effective and inclusive.

I’m looking forward to attending the next sessions as well. I am hoping the future session will focus on and cover continuous teaching and learning not only through online mediums but also alternative ways to reach students with limited or no access to the internet. This way we can holistically address every child’s fundamental right to education.” - Pushpa Raj Paudel, Teacher