Updated on Monday, 27 April 2020

What is the deadline for new registration and if late fee will be applicable to this?

New entries can be made till 10 April 2020 for both schools attached to British Council and private candidates. No late fees, or amendments fees, will be charged for entries in May/June 2020 series.

What is the process for withdrawal and deferral of registrations and their deadlines?

For school candidates, the withdrawal and deferral requests must be submitted through their school by 24 April. For private candidates, a refund request must be submitted to the British Council at general.enquiry@britishcouncil.org.np  by 28 April 2020.

For deferring to November 2020 session, private candidates must send an email to general.enquiry@britishcouncil.org.np with your registration details and the syllabus to be deferred.


What evidence will be acceptable for assessed grades?

Evidence from the candidates' previous school and education institute may be acceptable. Evidence from parents or from the candidates themselves will not be accepted. 

If I defer my registration to November 2020, can I carry forward my grades from May/June 2019?

Yes, candidates can carry forward their May/June 2019 marks to take November 2020 A-Level exams in the same syllabus under the following circumstances:

  • They were entered for the A-Level syllabus in June 2020, irrespective of whether they were later withdrawn.
  • The syllabus has a carry forward entry option for that component.

If I carry forward Cambridge International AS Level result from June 2020 to a future Cambridge International A Level, how will the grades be calculated for future sessions?

It is the AS Level marks students normally carry forward, not the grade. In the absence of AS Level marks in June 2020, students will receive an AS Level grade but will not be able to carry forward their AS Level result to A-Level in the usual way. Therefore, we have put in place alternative arrangements. 

Students who enter for AS Level and receive a grade from the June 2020 series may choose to:

  • take only the second stage (A2) of the A Level in that subject in the November 2020 or June 2021 series, and receive an A-Level grade based solely on their performance in A2*. In other words, we will consider that a candidate with an AS Level grade from June 2020 has met the requirement to complete the AS Level stage before obtaining an A-Level grade. Candidates who withdraw from the June 2020 series will not have this option.
  • take all components of the A-Level in a future series and retain the AS Level from June 2020 as a standalone qualification, without carrying the result forward.