Abishek N Rayamajhi, Associate Academic Coordinator at Malpi Institute shares how choosing to do A Levels has helped him shape his career path

Abishek N Rayamajhi completed his A Levels from Malpi Institute in 2004 and now he is working as an Associate Academic Coordinator at the same institute. “I am very happy to work as a Coordinator at Malpi Institute and help students with their academic progress. I enjoy counseling students, helping them with their future plans; educational goals and to apply to different universities and colleges in Nepal and abroad.” says Abishek. 

He further adds, “A Levels has greatly helped me in my career growth. Studying A Levels opened up more university courses options in the USA for me. I was even able to transfer 12 credits from A Levels to my college courses in USA, which means I didn’t have to take Basic Algebra, Calculus I and II, and Intro to Physics. And this allowed me to take up other interesting courses such as Criminology, Intro to Mass Communications and Democracy. As I had already studied basic subject matters in A Levels, the English courses and Calculus III courses were very easy for me in the first year of my undergraduate in the USA. Having already been educated about analysing problems, studying syllabus of different courses during A Levels, it was easy for me to study during Undergraduate in the USA.”

After returning back to Nepal in 2013, Abishek was looking at different career paths to pursue. One of the careers was in the education field and since he had done A Level, it became easy for him to find his career at Malpi. Being familiarized with syllabuses and nuances of A Levels has helped him work steadily as a Coordinator. “I always had intention to come back to Nepal after finishing my studies abroad. Once I completed my degree, I saw an opportunity to work and help students of A Levels in Malpi Institute. So I had no problem coming back to be with my family as well as help the students since I had experience of A Levels as well as foreign studies”, shares Abishek.

Abishek never forgets to encourage students to opt for A Levels after grade ten. “After my completion, five of my cousin brothers and sisters did A Levels at Malpi” shares Abishek. He is extremely thankful to his elder sister who had studied A Levels and told him the great benefits of studying it.

“A level is tough, demanding and requires hard work. It is completely different from what we are familiar to in our school. However, the rewards for hard work and sacrifice are great.  In addition, A Levels encourages analyzing, understanding and knowing of the subject matter. I have never regretted choosing A Levels. It is one of the best decisions, I have ever made recalls Abishek.

Satisfied with his career path, Abishek’s future plan is to continue to work as a Coordinator for A Levels. Helping students in their academic as well as furthering their future ambitions has given him great satisfaction. He sees himself as an Educator and Counselor for students 10 years from now.