On being awarded with Social Action Project, Kalika School of Bhairawaha immediately formed a student council to act on their initiative of waste management reduction. With guidance from their teachers, the students of secondary level gathered online information on waste management and decided they will promote 3Rs – reuse, reduce and recycle. They designed brochures and pamphlets and went on to do door-to-door campaign around the locality. They purchased 18 waste bins and distributed around the locality. There were some challenges ahead of them as some from the locality did not take their initiative seriously, they mocked them and their appeal to join them in waste management reduction conversation was not taken seriously. In addition, some of their parents did not appreciate the idea that their children were preaching them about protecting environment. Nevertheless the students were motivated in achieving their goals. They had enough encouragement from their school faculty, and local authority. They ran community cleaning campaign, added notice boards informing about the alarming need of waste management reduction. In no time, they started to see the change. The community people stopped littering waste and rightly used waste bins. Students Shuvashri Dhakal, Erina Rayamajhi, Subani Adhikari, Bimala Thapa and Sandip Bhandari shares that almost everything that we use on our daily basis like pockets of torn pants, bucket vessel, plastic wrappers, papers, jute bags, bottles and cans can be reused, reduced and recycled. That is exactly what they did as well. They created pocket fans, floor mat and decorate items made out of chocolate wrapper. The students share their learning, “We tell people today that we need to develop in a sustainable manner. We pick wastes people throw before us and make them feel ashamed and tell them to be responsible. We have learnt through SAP how we can contribute to the society, how to work creatively, we earned leadership and communication skills.”