When students of grade 8 of Motherland school of Pokhara decided they will work on waste management, reduction and reuse to conduct their Social Action Project, they realized that they need to first spread the awareness. This started with sharing the message in their respective houses and family members. While some parents of the students were supportive of their idea, some told their children that they should not waste their time and should rather focus on their studies. However, some discouragements did not deter the students from achieving their goal. In guidance of the school teachers, the students invited few government schools and the aama samuha (group of women working on gender and women empowerment) to join hands with them, shared about their initiative to the local authority, organized awareness campaigns in the streets of Pokhara and shared about waste management reduction through a talk programme at the school premises. In no time, the students geared up to work on plastic management, waste reduction and reuse. They started making baskets out of plastic bags, used newspapers, sacks. The school banned students from bringing biscuits and noodles in plastic wrappers. They used to plastic and bottles to make pencil stands, flower vase, book shelf, hand bags and other decorative items. They distributed waste bins around the locality. They not only implemented the ideas around the school but also made this a part of their daily life in their household and neighborhood. As a result all their parents were convinced that this initiative is good for their own lifestyle and were proud of their children. The students shares that Social Action Project has helped them grown as team leaders, has expanded their interpersonal skills and has encouraged them to listen and act in a team.