With three sons and a daughter at home, Rupa Rishidev of Baijanathpur VDC of Morang district, none from the family had ever been to a proper toilet until recently. Under Social Action Project (SAP) initiated jointly by British Council Nepal and Hyundai Motors Nepal, students of Shree Makalu School of Biratnagar, Morang district geared up to end open defecation in Baijanathpur VDC.  After the students of Shree Makalu contributed in building toilets for household in the VDC, one of the beneficiaries Dhanushree Rishidev shares, “We feel great to have toilets built in our houses. This has really facilitated to our safety. We no more have to go fetching discrete corners alongside the nearby river at the middle of the night. When these little students came to us to talk about building toilets, we were so proud of them.” Similarly, Jhameli Rishidev of the same VDC adds, “Police used to chase us to stop us from going out in the fields but we were never given alternate options. Many of us have had snake bites because of open defecation in the past. All of us in this VDC are really thankful for this initiative.” Uddip Pokhrel, a grade 8 student and one of the team leaders for this initiative shares, “SAP gave us an opportunity to realize how we can achieve greater goals in life if we work in a team. From going door to door in the VDC to share the idea, from convincing households to working together with local authorities, we have learnt so much from this project.