Ganga Karki

Janakalyan Secondary School

Science teacher 

Kawasoti municipality 

Ganga Karki, a primary science teacher in Kawasoti Municipality has never experienced seeing her students this excited and enthusiastic about learning science. 

It was difficult for her students to understand some subjects of science for which she took a different approach which has not been practised in her school before. 

She worked on an idea which she had learnt from Creativity and Imagination (C&I) training for teachers, provided by the British Council Nepal under Connecting Classroom Programme. Before she worked on her idea, she decided to access the understanding of her students. The results of the assessment were disappointing. 

Her first creative project was based on helping her students to understand the different types of plants. She shares, "Initially when I asked the students to collect seeds, roots, leaves of plants, they were reluctant to do so as this has never been done before. But when I explained to them what the plan was, they happily agreed and the outcome was well received."

For her project, after the assessment, she divided the class into two groups. One group collected everything related to dicot plants; roots, leaves, seeds etc and another group gathered everything they can, related to dicot. After everything was collected, the groups then exchanged their understandings, findings and learning from the plants they collected. This initiated interactive as well as effective learning in the classroom.  

After the project was completed, Ms Karki conducted a final assessment to see how effective her approach was. She took a test, and everyone scored way above average in the class. She then took the same idea to her other classes and the results were better than before. 


Plant samples prepared by students. 

In eight years of her teaching career, she had never seen her students waiting to learn science and be creative in the class. 

"I used to use teaching materials in the classroom before but never had I enjoyed a project this effective and students enjoying it at the same time. The C&I training was very effective as it helped me to plan and execute creative teaching methods which are both fun and effective."

Ms Karki now has loads of ideas and projects on various topics, which she has initiated in her classes. This has also encouraged other teaches in her school to try to implement creative approaches in their classrooms.