WOW Kathmandu will feature captivating pop-up performances throughout the day with a range of artistic responses to the themes of WOW. Join us on February 18, 2017 at Nepal Administrative Staff College in Jawalakhel. Read below to find out more:

People in Polaroid

Led by Dolkar Lhamu, People in Polaroid is a digital photography project. Everyone visiting WOW Kathmandu festival will have an opportunity to have their polaroid picture included.

Live Art from ArtLab

ArtLab has been involved in bringing about a change in street art and illustration art work in Nepal. At WOW Festival, they will be creating stencils of well-known feminists from South Asia. 

Nritya Aagan's Indian classical dance

Nritya Aagan is a dance academy specialising in Indian classical dances. At WOW Festival, Nirtya Aagan will be performing a dance drama piece on BP Koirala’s Sumnima

Yeti Taekwondo Dojang

Female taekwondo students from Yeti Taekwondo Dojang will demonstrate some useful self-defence techniques at WOW Kathmandu

Minu Waiba's Sarangi performance

Minu Waiba, one of the few female Sarangi (a traditional string instrument from Nepal) players in Nepal wants to preserve the beauty of sarangi. The instrument and the sound of it have helped her to deal with her own disability in life and has given her confidence. Other than being a promising musician, Minu works with people with disabilities and also contributes to animal care. She will be performing folk songs at the WOW Kathmandu festival.

Small-steps for Change / Everest Crew

Small-steps for Change / Everest Crew is a group of young dancers who specialized in B-boying and hip-hop in dancing. A group of young girls came together three years ago, then they met with a group of young boys and shared how dancing should not be gender specific and girls could also perform B-boying and hip-hop dance as eloquently as boys. They then formed the group Small-steps for Change and teamed up with Everest Crew and since then they have been performing in Kathmandu and across Nepal. Their performance will be one of the highlights of WOW Kathmandu festival.

Milan Rai's White Butterfly

The installation art of Milan Rai has found its wing to fly across 18 countries. Milan Rai's white butterflies has become a global expression of peace and positivity. He will be bringing the white butterflies to the auditorium and also in the garden area at WOW Kathmandu festival.

Circus Kathmandu

Circus Kathmandu works with victims of trafficking and is a famous circus group in Nepal. Female performers from the group will be showcasing an interactive hoolahoop act at WOW Kathmandu festival.