Girl in the Mirror

‘Girl in the Mirror’ a psychological radio drama written by Sharmily Rana which won the first ever British Council Nepal Radio Play Writing Competition was launched on 23 April 2014. The drama which revolves around Gita, a teenager with a split personality disorder and her family’s struggle to cure her mental affliction was recorded in both Nepali and English versions. The winning drama was also broadcast on 26 and 27 April through a popular radio local station.

British Council Nepal has been running Radio Play Writing Competition to help promote creativity in education in Nepal and also to foster creative writers in Nepal. A series of workshop was conducted for successful twenty applicants prior to the Radio Play Writing Competition in 2012.

During the launch Sharmily Rana, expressed her heartfelt gratitude highlighting how enriching the journey has been. “I learnt a great deal from participating in the radio play writing workshop and being able to attain first-hand information on how on location radio drama is recorded was very insightful learning experience. I would like to thank British Council for giving me such a wonderful platform to showcase my creativity through my writing skills.”

The launch event also showcased a short ‘behind the scenes’ making of the radio drama. While Khagendra Lamichhane who directed the drama play has previously written and directed several radio dramas and on stage plays but this was his first time directing a play written by another writer. “It was a very challenging and a new learning experience for me too. We collaborated together and shared our creative ideas, and integrated in the script to make it more realistic to our audience during our on location recordings. Hope they will enjoy listening to the drama on air.”

After two years, British Council Nepal is once again running the 'Nepali 15' Radio Play Workshop in August to support writers who wish to apply in the upcoming Radio Play Writing Competition 2014to be held in October. The winner will also get an opportunity to record their play and have it broadcasted in Nepali and English language versions on Nepali radio in 2015.  It is hoped that after participating in the workshop and the “Nepali 15” competition, the applicants will be encouraged to participate in the BBC International Competition 2015, where winners will each receive £2000 sterling and a trip to London to see their play being recorded for broadcast on BBC World Service.


Watch the making of 'Girl in the Mirror'

Behind the scenes of 'Girl in the Mirror'

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