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A clear pathway for A Level graduates

‘Brain Train’ rather than ‘Brain Drain’ has been a recent focus of British Council work with local authorities in Nepal. After the Awards ceremony in 2017, we discussed with Ministry of Education officials how graduates from the A Level programme can have a clear pathway to local Higher Education and career progression, rather than just a ticket to education opportunity abroad. Chief Guest the Honourable Mr Shanta Bahadur Shrestha, Secretary at Ministry of Education, emphasized the need for a clear fit between local and foreign curriculum. 

After the most recent Awards ceremony, the A Level schools community signed off on a series of clear proposals prepared by technical committee at Curriculum Development Centre. The technical committee was formed by the CDC to address the equivalency related to foreign curriculum available in Nepal. The technical committee includes senior staff of CDC, Schools Principals and British Council advisors. The committee has put together proposals help promote study and career by improving the fit between UK qualification and the Nepal Education system. Our congratulations to the technical committee and CDC for finalizing the proposal. We look forward to the next step where the Ministry of Education can review the recommendations and make amendments to the Directives for  Recognition and Equivalence of Secondary Level(Grade 10-12) 2073 B.S. as appropriate. 


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