24 September 2020

On behalf of Exams Director, Jim O’Neill

Dear Partner Schools and Private Candidates,

On Monday this week, I shared with you the news of the cancellation of Cambridge 2020 series in Nepal. This is due to current restrictions that apply to school level examinations. These government restrictions are in place for safety and wellbeing during a phase when Covid-19 cases are rising again.

We understand the disappointment and frustration this decision causes. We apologise for the unavoidable cancellation we are required to make in these exceptional circumstances. We fully understand how challenging the pandemic is for everyone, even if for some students and parents there may be some initial relief because travel to test locations is no longer necessary. 

For staff at British Council, the cancellation decision now leads to the following steps:

1) Withdrawal of all exams entries by 30 September 2020

2) Refunds for all of the subject entries

3) Taking new registrations in the future for the next available exams series 

I understand that students in Nepal, like in some other countries, may wonder about assessed grades. This is not an option available this time. Therefore, following the cancellation of the series in Nepal, we must withdraw entries and process refunds. We will continue to work closely with Cambridge on your behalf in order to bring education opportunities back to you in the future and so help you resume your study plans. 

We will need some time to finalise efficient, effective processes to manage steps 1 and 2 above. The cancellation of an entire exam series creates a suite of very new and challenging administrative tasks. We will work very hard to manage these tasks smoothly and as quickly as possible for you. I thank you in advance for your patience while we do this. 

We will write to you again on Friday 01 October with our next update. We aim to provide you with target dates for steps 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

Finally, for general information, the latest update from Cambridge International is available HERE.

Further information can be found HERE.

Cancellation of November 2020 Cambridge examination series (22 September notice)