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‘I feel blessed to be a part of Girls' Empowerment and Mainstreaming Sustainably programme. I am learning new things every day and will continue the learning process. I would like to thank the team for providing me with the opportunities.’ Ladli Kumari Shah.

Ladli hails from a poverty-stricken community and her family has faced many struggles in life. She was born in Samapur- Rautahat district and lives with her parents and two younger siblings. She is currently studying in grade 8 and is a Peer Group Leader (PG) for GEMS club sessions.

Before joining the club as a peer group leader,  Ladli only knew a few English words and could not speak and communicate well in English. She did not know about computers and its application. However, she was selected as a Peer Group Leader after scoring the highest in her class for the digital and English test and is now responsible for leading her group.

Due to the PGL training given to all the selected Peer Group Leaders of Rautahat and Bara, Ladli is now able to read and communicate well in English. She has also developed her digital skills and is now able to utilise a computer for work. Since starting the club sessions last year, she has slowly gained confidence and has developed a positive outlook in life despite all her struggles in life.

In addition, Ladli is actively spreading her newfound knowledge and skills to her club members to help change their lives. The community is appreciative of the changes that have been brought upon the club members due to the club sessions.

‘I can see the positive change in my life which is developing as a PGL. My way of studying, writing and overall behaviour in my daily life has improved.’