Kathmandu Contemporary Art Centre (KCAC), the Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative (SAFEI), ArtLab and the British Council with support from the British Embassy have organized a series of events with artist Martin Travers, the newest KCAC Artist-in-Residence.

In light of Martin’s expertise, KCAC and SAFEI with the British Council and the British Embassy hosted a masterclass for Nepali art leaders and urban artists at the British Council which concluded in the creation of the 105.8 ft long mural art on the wall of the Embassy representing Nepal and Britain in a contemporary way to mark the yearlong bicentenary celebration of the bilateral relationship between Nepal and Britain. This is the first of the numerous activities scattered throughout the year at different locations in London and Nepal. The whole bicentenary celebration will close next year in March 2016. 

Martin Travers is an international muralist, street artist and visual artist. He is experienced in a wide range of discipline including murals, fine art, scenic and specialist decorative painting. Martin travels the world painting murals and community arts projects, giving workshops on culturally diverse developmental arts. Martin works towards building positive creative alternatives from “at risk” youth and communities, in which he specializes as a workshop facilitator.

The second mural will be created in collaboration with a specific community within Kathmandu. Martin is at KCAC for a period of 4 months and because the second mural will be relate to the content of the masterclass, particular in the use of urban art to engage marginalized communities, this second mural will take much longer to produce. Thus, the second mural will be treated as a separate event, warranting further media attention and coverage.

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