Khagraj Baral
Secretary for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

The British Council and the Government of Nepal, especially the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology share a long-term partnership. We call it a Development-Partnership. The British Council is one important institution that has invested its time assisting the education system in Nepal for a substantial period of time.

The relationship that was initiated with the British Library back then, now known as the British Council, is a special contribution in the development of the educational standard of the nation. The British Council is not just confined to the teaching of English language, but is vastly supportive to technical education, music and the occupational development of teachers.

Connecting Classrooms, International School Awards are some of the programs that brought exposure to the global learning environment for Nepali students. This also became a bridge for exchanging education, culture and values between the students/schools of Nepal and Britain. May the friendship between these two countries flourish strongly in the future as well.   

The British Council in collaboration with other international organizations has signed an MOU with the Government of Nepal for development work here in Nepal. We have created a congenial working environment for our partners to regulate their work and we offer assistance when requirements arise. Again, I stress how wonderfully the British Council has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. On this occasion of the completion of 60 years of partnership, I would like to congratulate the British Council and also offer my best wishes.