Kashyap Kumar Sharma

I am planning to visit either  Australia or Canada for my further studies. This was the second time I gave IELTS test from the British Council. I still want to score better. Therefore, I will be taking one more test, just to make sure I have better chances for scholarships. I am a working person and it was difficult to manage time to prepare for IELTS. Nevertheless, the British Council’s online registration system for IELTS was very user-friendlyand the customer service is very quick at responding to our queries. I was again impressed at the test venue to experience professional way of conducting exam. The invigilators are professional, friendly and helpful. The British Council is prestigious in conducting IELTS and is everyone’s first choice.

Namrata Sapkota

I am planning to pursue my Masters in Denmark or in Australia. Among the four modules of IELTS, I found reading module difficult. Nevertheless, my preparation helped me to get along with all four modules. I was very impressed with the invigilators. They were very professional, disciplined and friendly at exam venue. Even during my speaking test, one who interviewed me made sure I was comfortable before starting the interview. The British Council is synonymous to IELTS globally, thus, I will always recommend the British Council to all my friends.   Lastly, thank you for this reward. This is very motivating.