International Climate Champions is a program that works in sixty countries across the globe with young people who are passionate and committed to action on climate change.  We help them develop and implement projects within their local communities that raise awareness of climate change, limit the impact of climate change (adaptation), and reduce carbon footprint (mitigation). Champions work with other young people around the globe to share and develop their ideas through a networking site and other discussion forums.

The ICC initiative aims to build understanding of and action on climate change. It is based on the successful Champions initiative developed by the UK's Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) in 2006.

20 International Climate Champions were selected during the project period and awarded £1000 to each as seed money to help them implement their project ideas. 

Profile of the 10 International Climate Champions selected in the year 2010 and the community projects they were funded

Manjeet Dhakal demonstrated the feasibility of using gas emitted from household waste as an alternative fuel resource for cooking through his project ‘Initiative for Zero Waste Community’. With a team of four members, he set up two bio-gas plants, as a demonstration site, under the bridge at Ratopul.  

Sushila Pandit created media awareness on climate change issues though trainings, workshops and dissemination of information. She developed a network of youth journalists, a digital library and provided media fellowship awards to three youth journalists for an in-depth research on climate change and its impacts in Nepal.   

Rojesh Shrestha, a member of the rock sensation X-Mantra, sand his way through to raise awareness on climate change issues among the citizens of Nepal. Similar to his single Hariyo Banai Ho Nepali Ko Dhan, Rojesh composed a special song on the impacts of climate change which was used as a primary tool to spread the message. 

Sunder Layalu through his project ‘Carbon Neutral Nepal’ conducted a research on the carbon footprint of Namo Buddha Monastery, to measure the ecological footprint of the monks motivated them to live a carbon neutral life.

Pragati Shahi, a journalist by profession, conducted media workshops, talk shows and interaction programmes on climate change impacts to raise awareness among journalists from Kailali district. In order to reach out to the mass population, she made maximum use of seven FM stations and one community radio in the district.   

Tshering Sherpa through his project, sensitized his community on the impacts of climate change in the Khumbu region and also created awareness among the policy makers in the government to provide immediate attention to the current situation of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) in the region. 

Kriti Shrestha primarily focused on Solid Waste Management plan to produce briquettes from solid waste and introduce it as an alternative source of fuel for household cooking in villages. She also created awareness on the use of solar energy. 

Kanchan Shrestha with an aim to develop the Namo Buddha Monastery as a model project organized various sensitization programmes among the monks and motivate them to develop a safer environment by planting trees, managing solid waste and maintaining hygienic conditions. 

Niraj Tamrakar educated the Yoga Gurus, Fathers and Nuns, Buddhist monks and Hindu Priests about the impacts of climate change and its link with human health and encouraged them to spread the message among their followers. Orientation programmes, fliers, reports, slide shows and presentations were used to disseminate information. 

Amita Thapa Magar considering children to be the contributors of tomorrow, educated the students of 20 schools in Kathmandu on climate change issues. Along with conducting participatory meetings targeting students of grade 8-10, Amita developed training modules for teachers.   

•Ex. Country Director, British Council Nepal –Dr. Robert Monro, speaking about Climate Champion and Great Himalayan trek.

•Climate Champion – Saurav Dhakal after the celebrity trek- Great Himalayan Trail

•Climate Champion – Rojesh Shrestha, singer, initiates the project of climate change awareness though songs

•Climate Champion 2009 video