British Council in Nepal works with number of educational consultancies and higher education institutions to support their student appear for the IELTS test with the British Council.   We provide a full package of support to enable institutions to test their students. We also partner with schools, universities or higher education institutions  and educational consultancies that would like to offer IELTS sessions on their premises exclusively for their own students.

Becoming one of our partners means:

  • you can benefit from co-branding with the British Council to enhances your brand value
  • you can choose the most suitable test dates from our annual calendar 
  • your students will have access to an array of IELTS preparation materials including Free IELTS preparation books from the British Council
  • your tutors will have an opportunity to enhance their skills through various Teacher Training Courses we offer 
  • your students can enjoy the convenience of doing the test on your own premises. *Conditions apply

To become our partner, you can fill this online form or send your expression of interest to, and we will get back to you.

Note: We do not work directly with an institution that is already a member of our valued IELTS partners like ECAN, IERIN, Orbit MBBS and its associates etc nor encourage them to apply for it.

*condition:  Conducting IELTS test on your own premises provided facilities meet IELTS audit requirements and you have a minimum of 30 test takers for a single test session.