The British Council, in partnership with two national NGOs, successfully implemented European Union supported grant project. - Ensuring Rights through Skills and Voice (ERSV). The project was implemented from December 18, 2014 to June 2017 in Siraha and Gorkha districts. The two implementing partner NGOs - Association of Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal (ADWAN) and Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) have been implementing project’s activities in Gorkha and Siraha districts respectively.

Overall goal of the project was to contribute to combating the discrimination of the Dalit population, and to promote their access to economic, social and political rights. Its specific objectives were:  to increase the participation of Dalit women (some disabled) in economic activities, and  to build capacity of  Community groups, including Dalit CSOs and CBOs to actively promote the economic, social and political rights of Dalit Women in Gorkha and Siraha districts of Nepal.

The project had 2 major components:

1.Access to Skills - The activities and outputs of component I included skills training program to Dalit Women, entrepreneurship development training programme and follow up employment linkage activities.

2.Access to Voice - The activities and outputs of Component II of the project includes training programs on selected Social Accountability (SA) tools (participatory budgeting, public hearing and community score card), advocacy skills training programme and pilot program for SA tool implementation. 

ERSVP Activities

ERSVP  facoused its activities in five Village Development Committees (VDCs) and two Municipalities in Siraha and six VDCs in Gorkha district. The target VDCs and Municipalities in Siraha district were:






6.Siraha and


Similarly, the target VDCs in Gorkha are:





5.Manakamana, and


 ERSVP Field Offices

The project had its field office in Lahan, Siraha, Kurintar and Gorkha. There was a project management office at British Council, Kathmandu to facilitate the planning, implementation and monitoring of project program through field offices and coordinating with different stakeholders at central level.

The project had carried out needs assessment and baseline assessment to collect required information for commencing skill training, social accountability training. ERSVP also started vocational skill training in Siraha district   from 3rd week of June 2015. Due to effects of major earthquake in April 2015,  skill and social accountability training in Gorkha district  were postponed until November 2015. However, awareness raising on objectives and activities of the project, against caste and gender based discriminations, and empowering beneficiaries to increase their access to the services and opportunities offered by the government and non-government agencies working at local level continued in both districts.

ERSVP was committed to develop cooperation and collaboration with government agencies, NGOs, CBOs committed to uplift the quality of life of Dalit population in Gorkha and Siraha districts. 

For further details please contact:

Badri Prasad Tiwari      Rejindra Dangal, DPC Sailesh Kumar Gupta, DPC

Project Manager, ERSVP

British Council, Kathmandu

ERSVP Field Office, Kurintar, Gorkha      ERSVP Field Office, Lahan, Siraha

T: 01-4237700

Mobile: 9851113763

T: 056-410042

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