EDGE- Photo

Initial Training for Peer Group Leaders through English & Digital for Girls’ Education (EDGE) Project- Nepal.

English is a key tool for the appropriate use of ICT, as English is the predominant language of the Internet. Without English language skills, it is difficult to learn to use ICT materials.’ Keeping this in Centre, British Council Nepal in partnership with U.S. Embassy Nepal and Equal Access Nepal initiated the English and Digital for Girls’ Education (EDGE) Project. It is a high-impact, human rights project designed and delivered jointly by the British Council and its partners.

The first 6 days Peer Group Leader Training was conducted in five districts during October and November 2015. Total of 161 peer group leaders were trained between the age of 11 to 19.

The first day of the training was facilitated by ICT trainers from Equal Access Nepal which covered basic computer skills liketurning on and off a computer, navigation, use of mouse, keyboard and headphones, MS word, MS Excel, Paint etc. through participatory approach. The remaining 5 days were facilitated by British Council trainers. They trained the peer group leaders on technical know-how on the use of designed content and LearnEnglish Kids software necessary to deliver training to the girl-students. Additionally, they were also trained on the use of flashcards, delivering training and conducting ‘reflection and feedback’ sessions for girl students formed an integral part of peer leaders’ training programmes. Since EDGE sessions are run by peer leaders themselves, they were facilitated on EDGE club management, administrative, leadership, facilitation skills and managing difficult situation too.

80 EDGE clubs have already been set up in 5 districts. The trained peer group leaders will teach British Council’s English and Digital resources to their peers through netbooks and phablets.

“I am Junipariyar from Thulolumpek, Gulmi. I am 13 years old. I am very happy with my new role because I will teach computer skills and English to my other friends of my village. My parents are also happy. They encourage me to take part in this training. Before I came, I had just seen desktop but not laptop and Phablets. In the training, I learned how to use them. The club session materials and software are also interesting. I think my friends will enjoy them”.

“My name is Rekha Biswakarma. I am really encouraged from the training because the trainers taught us how to use computer and phablets. We also learned English. As we studied in government schools, we are poor in English. We know many games here. I think we can easily teach computer and English to our friends. When my parents heard about the training, they requested Laxmi Madam of Equal Access Nepal to include me in the training. They said that they never got a chance to learn English and computer so they wanted me to learn English and computer”.


About the Project: 2012– Originally known as ‘English and ICT for Adolescents’ (EITA), the project was piloted in Bangladesh and 100% of participants demonstrated improved confidence in English and ICT skills. With the success of EITA in Bangladesh, EDGE Nepal was initiated in September 2015 and will continue till March 2016.