About eBooks and audiobooks

Rbdigital Audiobooks and eBooks is the UK’s leading audiobook, digital services, and large print publisher.  You can find thousands of books to read or listen to, from fiction to plays, non-fiction, and self-development. Rbdigital Audiobooks and eBooks have something for everyone from children to grownups. 

Logging in

You only need one login for seven of our resources: eBooks, Audiobooks, music concerts, movies, training resources, comics, and magazines. You can create this the first time you use the platform, RB Digital, and use your login and password for all seven.

Can I download the eBooks and audiobooks?

Yes, you will need to have Adobe Digital Edition to read the eBooks to listen to audiobooks.

  1. Search for RB Digital in your App Store or Play Store and download it.
  2. Open the application; it will ask for your country name
  3. Select Nepal from the list and click 'Next'
  4. You will be asked to enter either of the following: a username, email, or library card number. 
  5. Enter your library card number and click 'Next'
  6. You will need to enter the password you created for RBdigital Audiobooks and eBooks on the website. Then click 'Next'
  7. If you already have titles downloaded in your RBdigital Audiobooks and eBooks, you can download these now to your device. To find materials to download to your device, click 'Search.' 
  8. When you have checked-out your eAudio and eBooks, click My Titles to see your checked-out items.

Once you have these applications, you can download up to three eBooks and three eAudio for up to three weeks. You can also read and listen online.