Dawa Steven Sherpa
Led Great Himalaya Trail with Apa Sherpa, Saurav Dhakal (British Council Climate Champion)

Over the years my relationship with the British Council has grown to such an extent that I consider many of the Country Directors, including the current one, to be good friends. Not just that, I have also had the great privilege to be associated with different programs conducted by the British Council.  

The British Council was a part of the sponsorship team behind The Great Himalayan Trail, where I worked with Apa Sherpa. In fact, the reporter who joined us on the trail was fully sponsored and recommended by the British Council. Since he was a core member of our team, the event garnered a great amount of coverage which was excellent for the cause. 

During the early stages of setting up the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Nepal, British Council played a great role in providing resources and expertise.  In addition, it has played a very important role in improving the intellectual capital of Nepal. I quote my own example where managers from my tourism company took communication courses at the Council. This was to help them hone their public speaking and communication skills, which are important assets to have in the tourism industry. 

I hope this relationship goes on for many more years to come, and I would like to congratulate the British Council on its 60th anniversary in Nepal.