The British Council and the Film Development Board (FDB) are calling for proposals from arts, education, and/or media organisation to develop a screening programme for Women of the World (WOW) Week, a virtual media campaign that is scheduled between 1 and 7 March 2021

Applicants should propose complementary programming that can add value to the screening of two films: Aama (1964) and Kumari (1977). As the first film produced by the Nepali state and the first colour film respectively the two features hold immense historic value and are expected to provide excellent content to discuss/critique/analyse women’s representation and gender themes at the start of the Nepali film industry. 

Applicants should propose their activities as a one-day event for a predetermined audience. A guest list for the screening of Aama will be collectively decided between the grantee, FDB, and the British Council.  Live streaming of the screening will not be permitted but British Council expects to provide logistical support to document and stream the complimentary programming proposed as well as resources to evaluate the overall impact and quality of the programme. Films to be screened will have English subtitles and we would recommend using Nepali for the proposed activity. 

Proposals will be assessed on the following: value for money, the creativity of the programming, relevance to programme objectives, and experience/expertise of the applicant.

Proposal should:

  • Not be longer than 2 pages (or 1000 words)
  • It should adequately and concisely cover:
  1. BACKGROUND: why is the applicant deserving of the grant award? Please present references to relevant experiences, expertise, and associations that might add value to the delivery of the proposed activities
  2. EVENT: please details the activities you would like to pair with the screenings, providing details about partners/experts/presenters/speakers that will be involved in the delivery. Activities can include pre-screening keynotes, post-screening discussions/panels. We welcome suggestions to combine with any other on-going but relevant initiative/project/research. 
  3. AUDIENCE: please tell us who you will invite, and how you will be communicating with the target audience? Please make sure to keep the target audience inclusive and prioritise the participation of women/girls (this applies to the programme participants as well)
  4. BUDGET: please use a budget table and provide details of the costs of your involvement and the proposed activity. 

Note: screening and event venue is the Film Development Board office in Chabahil, Kathmandu. No venue costs are involved. Venue branding will be provided by the British Council.

Submit your proposal to in PDF form with the subject line: Gender Screening Grant Proposal. The deadline to apply is 12:00 AM NPT on 11 February 2020

This grant opportunity is part of the British Council’s Film and Archives programme and the Women of the World Festival.