If you are a programme planner/organiser, you know the importance of inclusion and diversity and how it drives your business. But why is the disability factor often overlooked in inclusive and diversity planning? Here is a great opportunity for you to send an important message about the value of your work by bringing change in the experience of Deaf and disabled people attending, performing, and working within the arts and culture events industries.  

The British Council and  Attitude is Everything is calling arts and culture leaders and professionals to be a part of a webinar on disability accessibility in programmes and events. The seminar will be held between 16 and 17 April 2021 (three hours per day). This seminar will be helpful for organisers who are involved in creating festivals/events/art projects/programmes. The sessions will help you explore the accessibility situation in your field, identify challenges, and introduce some tried and tested tools for engagement that can be adapted for your working practice.

Attitude is Everything, a disability-led charity is the UK live music and events industry’s trusted source of expertise who supports non-profit and commercial organisations to make what they do more accessible and inclusive for Deaf and disabled people. 

This webinar is part of the British Council’s Disability and Arts programme. Attitude is Everything has developed a project tool, an action plan for implementing meaningful change across venues and festivals offers and to assist in implementing accessible change within organisations. They have developed guides and resources which will be provided to registered participants in both English and Nepali languages. 


16 April

  • An introduction to Attitude is Everything
  • Disability equality and the social model
  • 10 key concepts for an accessible events environment
  • Open space: Question and Answers

17 April

  • Attitude is Everything’s DIY Access Guide

Please register by 12 April 2021.