INTRODUCTION of the project  

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme for schools, designed to help young people to develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy, and contribute responsibly both locally and globally. Over the last few years research and evidence has shown that the majority of education systems around the world, including in the UK, are not equipping young people with the skills they need in this rapidly changing environment.  The new Connecting Classrooms programme aims to address this gap in global skills and will build the capacity of teachers to integrate a range of core skills into the curriculum, therefore improving learning outcomes for young people and enabling them to become more globally aware and globally competitive. 

Only institutions are eligible to apply and they should meet the following criteria 

1.     Extensive experience on wide range of translation work of multilingual involving highly technical terminologies.

2.     Having provided the service to reputed organizations. 

CONTENTS OF EOI should contain but not be limited to the following:

 1.  Cover letter

 2. Overall track record of the institution and sample of translated document.

 3.  Submission of estimated cost for the Translation of the Manual (1000 pages approx.) 

Expression of Interest must be delivered in electronic format no later than 3 February 2016 to the email address given below: with the title “EOI for Translation”. Please note that British Council will not be able to respond to every application and will only contact those who meet the required standards within one week of submission of EOI.